Monday, January 18, 2010

I am BACK!

Hello everyone. Its been along time since I got on the computer to blog. Most of that was that I was sort of depressed about out situation and thought we were going to loose the farm. Its not a big deal to loose the farm, its loosing all the work we have put into it. Anyway the bank decided to give us another chance. I am here again saying things look bleak again. This time of year everything slows down and we have not enough sales to sustain the farm. So bills get unpaid and we get notices.... we pray God will bring in the money to let us keep going for one more year. Anyway so much for the sad news....
Kidding should start in about 3 weeks. We are down to about 90 goats here at the dairy. Which is alright... less hooves to trim and less feed to feed. We cleaned the barn this last week and have new shavings on the floor. We have all the baby pens now cleaned and ready for kids. We thought our first goat started labor about 1 week ago and so off to the vets we went to see if we needed a C-Section or what. We got the what..... took her home and gave her some penicillin and she is fine and now out with the herd. We have started graining in the milk parlor (1 month prior kidding) and adding our apple cider vinegar and their kelp,dolomite lime, linseed and soybean mix on the grain. Training the yearlings how to go through the parlor is such a fight. Hopefully by the time they kid they will have it down.
We were featured at Ray's Boathouse restaurant a few weeks ago... we got to talk to each table when our course came up. It was really neat.
We shipped Ali off to Texas to spend a month with her sister. So Danyel and I got to get into a routine for two. Ali is back and Danyel ships out tomorrow for her month. This is these girls vacation. Their sister and her husband are spoiling them rotten.
We are having some plumbing done today too. Our ceiling in the spare room downstairs fell .... from a leak in the bathroom upstairs. My son and husband did all they could do to fix it and now we have a plumber working on it. So we haven't' had any water all day yesterday and today. Dishes are high and can't wait to get the kitchen cleaned.
We will go out and start chores at 4:30. And I have to start dinner too.
The wind was really loud and strong last night. No damage to anything at the farm.
I also was a Grandma in October to my 8th granddaughter.... she was born on my birthday too. I got to be in the room when she was born in the pool in the birth room. How cool is that. Her name is Samantha. Mom and Dad and baby and brother are all doing fine. Nana too! (me)
Well I'll write more hopefully soon and add some pictures on too.

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