Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Catch up to date

Well so much has happened. I'll say we have been busy as bee's around the farm. Our Anatolian shepards puppies are all sold but one - a female - Lea.
I am a grandma again. I flew to Austin Texas to be with Tami and Mike for thier first baby. They were not due until March and so I had bred my goats to kidd the first part of Feb. and to hopefully be done by the first part of March. Well they enduce my daughter and I had to fly out the 9th of Feb. And the goats kidded in 9 days as soon as I was off the ground in the plane. David and Ali were the only ones home and our Intern Francis from Texas arrived the day before I flew out. They all did good with the kidding season - 130 kids romping on the ground. I came home the first week in March - proud grandma of a new grandson - Erick.
When I got home I hit the ground running. Almost all the babies were sold before I got home which ment I had to make cheese. Our Farmers Markets started the end of March. We were ready and David was off to make money. We are signed up for 10 markets again. Longview(Sat), Olympia (Thur. & Fri), Tacoma (Tue, Thur., Sat., Sun), Stilecoom (Wed), Des Moinse (Sat), Pikes Place (Fri). And possibly the Market in Winlock too.
Francis is helping alot, he has gone to farmers markets and will be going to a wine tour, college presentation. He lives here with us and helps around the farm. He as got to make cheese and lable, weight and sell it. He is a nice young man and I think he will go far.
We introduce a new package to our sales its a sample pack consisting of Chevre, Garlic & Dill Chevre, Feta, and Marinated Feta its price range is from $10 - $20, and they are selling well.
We are milking 56 does and bottle feeding 23 kids. I am currently making cheese 3 times aweek. When we wean the kids in two weeks that will give 40 more gallons a week for that 4th batch of cheese. We have picked up a few more resturants so I am busy packaging for that too.
Well I will catch you up more in a few days.