Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

Good Morning? Wow I am still stuffed from yesterday.
I made my coffee this morning and as I opened the refrigerator I saw all these wonderful pies and new my mind wanted to have a piece - but my stomach said not yet.
David was up this morning at 4:45am to get dressed and head out to hay the goats and I got up at 5am and started the coffee and made turkey sandwiches for him and my son-in-law to head to Pikes Place.
Yesterday before dinner at 1pm, David cut up two rounds of cheese and went over to Adna to vacuum pack them for Friday market. I labeled all of them after dinner. My daughter and I packaged and labeled 60 chevre for Friday Market. Our evening ended at 10pm with everyone in bed.
Yesterday was a very nice day. Heather and Jamie and CJ (daughter, husband and grandson) are staying until Sat. before they head for home. My mom called from Arizona to tell me that a lady would be calling me about buying a goat. She also wished me a Happy Thanksgiving and check on my pie count. When the guys left, my son, brother and nephew we sent pie and cheese packages. They were very happy as they drove down the driveway.
Pies are my thing so let me name what I made this year: Blueberry Cheesecake, Marble cheesecake with cherries on top, Peanut butter and chocolate cheesecake, pumpkin cheesecake, apple, pecan, raisin, pumpkin, Cherri Cha Cha, Chocolate Cream, Vanilla Cream, Banana Cream, Cherry.
My brothers comment was this was the smallest Thanksgiving dinner he has been to, for me.
So all in all everything went as planned.
Now today will be relaxing and or sort of relaxing -- I have about 70 gallons of milk I need to do something with. So for sure cheese making will happen. And some yogurt and butter milk making. And some turkey sandwiches and some pie to top off the day. Oh yes I have to go get some hay as David used all the rest this morning. So thought I'd take the crew for a ride today.
I'll put a picture of the pies tomorrow as David hasn't downloaded them onto the computer yet.
I hope your holiday was wonderful and that you ate some cheese, preferably goat!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Day Before

You know I was thinking as I was baking of all the things I am thankful for and I came up with of course the usual, family, home, car, children, grandchildren, friends and a turkey on the table. But as I looked deeper into this thankful issue I find there are some very small things to be thankful for that are usually over looked. Like that the sun rises each day, like the light switch works in the middle of the night. How about the key on your key chain and that it opens an important door. Or like I am thankful for the plug in my tub - that it keeps the water in the tub. Like the simple thing of having running water at my sink. Or that by pulling down on a handle makes your bathroom clean and sanitary. These are just a few of the small over looked things I am thankful for. I bet this Thanksgiving you can find some of your own small things to be Thankful for.
Well I have made 12 pies and two batches of rolls. I have a tour coming at 3pm and then chores start at 4:30. Ali went with David to Pikes Place, just figuring people will be eager to buy.... and she can be a calming factor to her dad as he tries to get home in the traffic. My daughter and family will be here this evening. Everyone else will be here tomorrow.
My first turkey is already cooked and is in the refrigerator. The giblet gravy is simmering on the stove. I have washed a load of towels - so the company can take a shower or bath if they want.
My guest list this year is small - my brother, my son, my nephew, my daughter and her husband and their son, and our own family. So the total is 10.
I think I will go take a short nap before the tour gets here.
Have a Great Thanksgiving and give a little thought to the small things.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Rush!

Hello, its been a week since I last posted ---- did you miss me??
I'v been running around like crazy. David has been going to Pikes everyday. Making cheese and packaging and labeling it all by myself is crazy. With David gone its a lot harder to get everything done and keep up with just my normal stuff.
The girls finished their recipe books and just have the name tags for the table and little name tags for the pies to make. They helped me make pies today - we got 8 pies made today and tomorrow we still have 5 more to make. There are 12 different kinds of pies. (We make two pumpkin - its the only one doubled). Our family tradition is that everyone gets to pick what ever kind of pie they want and I make it. The little kids all get mini pies of their choice. The big kids have to share a big pie with everyone. I will start cooking one of the turkey's I have tomarrow. We are doing two 14.5 pound turkey's. On Thur. I will cook the other turkey - stuffed. I make ten pounds of mashed potatoes. I have to make a quad. batch of homemade rolls (not just for dinner but for turkey sandwiches afterwards). We always have the bean casserole, sweet potato's with marshmallows on top, fruit salad, cottage cheese salad, gravy. I think that is our menu. I make all the food and have my girls help. I don't let anyone bring food - Its kind of my gift to my family. I love this holiday its the best one.
We are still milking goats - about 43 and I am still able to make two batches of cheese a week. I was suppose to make some chevre today, but never got that done. Maybe tomorrow I will work it into my schedule. We are getting close to 100 gallons of milk a week, but it is dropping fast. So I have to get what I need made and hope it lasts until the middle of Feb. - when I can start making cheese again.
I went over to Black Sheep Creamery and brushed my aged cheese and turned them on Wed. They are coming along nicely.
The other day it was 28 degrees when we went out to do chores. The night before I uncoled all the hoses and turned off all the faucets in anticipation of our first freeze. When the hoses all freeze up - who ever is doing watering has to carry buckets of warm water from the milk parlor. We only have about 12 buckets to fill twice a day. Anyway none of us like freezing weather. Now the snow the girls love and I love to look at it. And carrying water doesn't seem so hard if the ground is white.
David has been taking samples to all the restaurants up there at Pikes Place. On slow days he can go wandering. We have one restaurant in Olympia that will start buying our chevre in the next week or so. I'll post their name as soon as I have an order.... don't want to jinks it.
All we need is a couple good orders to put us on a good road.
On Friday the 21 Danyel and Ali went with their Civil Air Patrol squadron to Napavine Gradeschool to serve dinner for the Grandparents Dinner. They wore their camo uniform (BDU's). This goes for their community service badges. They also got dinner that day too. I think the girls will of each had four Thanksgiving dinners this year - counting our family one. All day today all they could say was, I can't wait for Thanksgiving - I can taste my pie already.
Well if I don't get back onto the computer for an other week you will all know why.
Have a Great Thanksgiving and remember at least 5 things your are Thankful as you take that first bite of your turkey dinner.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Good Morning:
Well today is a semi quiet day. I have to go over and brush my cheese at the Black Sheep Creamery today. I have 8 rounds in thier cave aging. The girls and I want to go to the library in Winlock - to return books and check out new ones. I will order some new labels with just a phone call and then with another call I'll order some new vacuum bags. The girls will work on finishing their cookbooks. I already went and turned my cheese I made last night and cleaned the milk parlor. I have a sink of dished in the processing plant that I'll get done today too. This evening I'll label some more plain chevre for David tomorrow at Pikes Place.
I am recovering from last weeks abrupt change.
I am glad right now for a break from extra kids. Its time to gather my thoughts and to compose my insides (heart, soul and spirit). You know God said he can call our children home anytime he wants (for foster kids its leaving), because they are on loan from Him. He wants us to prepare them for the road of life and each stop has something new for them to gain on this trip. Why he puts some children out there to wander the roads isn't mine to ask why, just to say I will feed and love you if you stop here for a rest. This is what makes me smile after I have my mad and upset about how the State handles these children. Today I am better, and each day I am reminded of What God Has done and Will do - not why he does it or when he does it.

If you haven't sent in your money for the cheese class please do and then call me and let me know its on the way. Other wise I may have to cancel this class. I totally understand all the other projects you have going this time of year. But let me offer you a suggestion: Making cheese for the holidays and for gifts saves alot of money and its with your hands that you give this wonderful gift.

Have a Great Day and watch a leaf float to the ground. Notice a few things as it floats down to the earth: Its color, its size and its gentleness with which it glides. In these things you'll see the truth of the world. It doesn't matter what color you are, it doesn't matter the size your world is, if you trust in God you'll be able to float without effort and no extra burdens.

There is no more important spiritual and practical lesson we can teach our children than the principle of sowing and reaping. Choices always have consequences. Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows. taht he will also reap. Galations 6:7

Monday, November 17, 2008

Make Day of the week

Hello again:
It seems I'v not written for a long time. How time flies when your having fun. Or when you have little mind left and just don't notice the darkness outside. Which may describe me... all days running together.
Thur. I went and got two rounds of Hay at noon. Danyel had Biology and I made Chevre. That evening I went to W.O.W. at our church (womens gathering) at 6:30pm. David took the day off.
Then on Thursday without much warning our 13 year old foster son was moved. No word to where and No good- byes. No explanation to what is going on. Just ordered by the courts was all we got. We packed up his stuff and the State came and got it and picked him up at school. Good By foster son. I don't know if I can handle this states protocol for handling foster children. So right now we don't have any foster children and I am not sure I want anymore at this point.

Well on Friday of last week I got up at 5am and cleaned the parlor and then cleaned the processing plant. My inspector was coming at 9:30am - He showed up at about 8:40. He inspected my dairy and checked the thermometers on the pasteurizer. In all we got a 100% on everything. Then I hung the chevre after he left. I had a tour show up at about 11:30am and they bought some milk to make cheese. I home schooled the girls on their Thanksgiving Unit. I also packaged up 60 containers of Garlic & Dill Chevre and 40 containers of Chevre. I labeled 50 marinated feta packages and 30 each of Feta, Grande Rosa and Pepper Rosa. When I lable cheese this is what I do: I have to first write the date they were made or when they expired, then weigh them and put down the oz. and the grams, then I have to price them. Then I have to peel the lables off and put them on the cheese packages. So it takes me about 3+ hours to do all that cheese I said I did. When David got home he unloaded his cheese and we counted the cheese and the bank. Then about 9:30pm we load it all up again for two markets. Do the paperwork in double and start all over. I got to go to bed about 11pm.
Then Sat. morning got up at 5am and clean the parlor and take down the chevre and put it in the refrigerator. Then into the house to turn on the coffee pot. Got the girls up at 6am and they started their chores. David got the haying and watering done. He left the house at 6am and I left at 6:30am. We both had to stop and buy ice before we left town. The girls were picked up about 8am for Civil Air Patrol - they had to wear their blues and take their BDU's (camo clothes) for some uniform inspection thing. They will be home about 12:20 today. The weather was great and the market was a little slow. We both did fair at our markets. I got into town and had to run by the store to get supplies for the family gathering on Sunday. After that stop it was right home. 4:30 was already here and I was getting a headache so thought we best get our chores done right away. I cleaned the parlor and the girls rounded the goats up. I then went and unloaded the truck and counted the cheese and put it away. I had re-salted some feta on Friday also and so I had to brush off the salt and put them back into the oil. The salt make more of the whey come out of the feta and makes it dryer. Then I went inside and took some asprin and laid down on the couch and that is where I stayed until about 10pm and I went to bed. The girls had to make their own dinner and fend for themselves. When David got home he asked me a few questions and I answered and that was it for me.
Sunday morning I was up at 5am to go out and clean the parlor and leave for Pikes Place at 6am. David had the girls up at 6am to do their chores. They had to meet his mom in Longveiw at noon to leave for his nieces for the family gathering. I had all the stuff ready for thier pot luck meal. David made up a cheese basket for his niece as a house warming gift. So off to Kalama they went. He had a good time and the girls did too. This was a memorial for David's grandpa who passed away last month. I was at market and it was slow. We were down about $100 dollars from last Sunday. I got home about 7:30 and the chores were all done and the girls were fending for themselves for dinner. I unloaded the car and counted the cheese. David had to go get grain after he got home too.
This morning the same routine. I am making Grande & Pepper Rosa this evening. We are getting low. And then on Wed. I'll make another batch of Aged cheese. The chevre in the refrigerator will last us this week. I have a cheese class on Sat. so I'll be getting ready for that.
Well that is about it for this last week.
Have a Great Evening and relax.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The rains are back

Good Morning
Lets see this morning its warm and wet. The rain has put the girls on Emergency Alert for their Civil Air Patrol Squadron. We are waiting for the call or email to put their group into action. The girls had to get their 24 hour packs ready and have their uniforms and rain gear ready when and if called. So they wait. They got up and have anticipation of being called this morning when the sun comes up.
Yesterday we had computer class, and Danyel had Biology in the morning. The girls finished their emergency Thanksgiving recipe book. I was so tired after making Thanksgiving dinner for my daughter from Montana - I relaxed yesterday. We did go to church at 7pm. When we got home David was home from a very slow day at Market. He still hasn't recovered from his cold this last week. So he thought maybe he would stay home today. And this morning he said he was going to stay home.
Which is good cause I have to go get hay at noon - and now he can do that.
I am going to make Chevre this morning after I go drop Danyel off at her Biology class at 10:30. (If the girls arent called up to help their CAP squadron). I'll make a 40 gallon batch and then I am planning on Sunday to make Feta. That should make me have to make a call to the processing plant that picks up our milk to say that we have no milk for pick up.
My inspector is coming tomorrow to check the probes that go into my pasteurizer at 9:30. Then at noon I have a tour coming. And I'll hang my chevre after the inspector leaves. I think I have enough fresh cheese to make up the containers of chevre for the Sat. Markets. This should be a good weekend for both of us. The Bazaar that I was signed up to go to was canceled. So I'll be going to Proctor in Tacoma. And the weather is suppose to not be so bad. Ya!
The goats are already starting to look pregnant. The Boar buck I put in with the herd has been quiet so I am assuming everyone is bred now. So we will have a few kids coming in April. The big birthing will happen from Feb. 15- to the end of March.
In communicating with one another, God expects us to be honest and loving. Problems arise when we are honest but not loving.
Have a wonderful Day!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Early Thanksgiving and Market News

Hello to all:
Yesterday was market day. So I am up at 5am. I went out and cleaned the parlor and then came in and woke up everyone at 5:30am. We are short one kid so we have to do her chores - so everyone adds one or two things to their own list. I went in and turned my NW Comfort and Black Jewels aged cheese and put the weights back on them. They look really good. Then into the house to get dressed - Ali doesn't have CAP today so she is staying home to watch over the farm. She is on the milk line and that is another reason she is staying home. So we all don't have to get up at 4am to do all the chores. We use to do that and man by the time it was time to milk again after market we were all pretty grumpy and tired. This way we all leave by 6am for our markets and she is still milking. I had to get gas before I hit the road. But we made it to the Proctor Tacoma Market on time and even a little early... thank goodness. Cause as soon as we got the tent up and the sides on it poured and poured and the wind blew. It got it out of its system and the rest of the market was fine. David's drive to Pikes was fine too. He said he was there on time, no traffic messes. But the good news to the day was that David and I sold the same exact amount. And that made our market day great because we can pay bills that are looming over our heads. I was so thankful to God for the blessing of sales.
When I got home at 4pm I had to unload and get the blue ice back into the freezer so its frozen by the time David loads his car up at about 9:30pm tonight for market the next day. Then I got the call from David that he had sold out of his Chevre and Garlic and Dill and had only a few Grande Rosa left. This all means packaging up more cheese and labeling. So I got onto that right after we started chores at 4:30. I made pancakes for dinner - easy and fast. And then I packaged up 15 lbs of chevre for Sunday market and then labeled about 12 more Grande Rosa for David. David pulled in about 7:30pm and unloaded his car and counted his cheeses and Money. Thats when we found out our $ amounts were exactly the same. By 9:30 I was so tired and we still had to load the car for market and do the bookwork. So I was on the couch by 10:15 with my head on the pillow and asleep shortly after. David woke me up at 11pm and said he was going to bed. Amen the day is over.
Today we will go to church and then do some running around and then be over at the gun club to pick up Danyel by 2pm and then we should be home by 3pm or close. By then I'll know what the stasis is with the cheese in Seattle. I'll do some laundry and mop some floors. I have to have my stuff done in case I have to pull a Monday in Seattle (David is getting a cold).

David did really well on Sunday at Market and fairly good on Monday.

We are having an early Thanksgiving dinner today. My daughter and grandchildren will be here from Montana. So the house smells really good. We will have a small version of my Real Thanksgiving dinner - but everything will be served. Homemade rolls, pies, dressing, gravy, real mashed potaotes, green bean casserole, deviled eggs, and a cottage cheese salad. YUM! I will take my aged cheese over to the sheep creamery today too. And label some more cheese and package some chevre for market tomorrow. Today will be hopping just to get everything done.

Well I hope I didn't wear anyone out with my routines.

Have a Great Day and enjoy each others company.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Don't Give Up Hope!

Wow! Its really warm outside, its about 59 here. Doesn't feel like morning.
Don't Give up Hope! God will use even the tough experiences of life to build your child's character, as well as your own. An not only that, but we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance; and perseverance, character; and character, hope.
I think this sums up the next four years we are about to endure.
Well it took David about 6 hours driving time yesterday to get to Seattle. There were wrecks all over. He averaged going and coming 3 hours each way. That is crazy. He was pretty tired after waiting in traffic that long. He doubled his sales of last Thur. so that is good - but its still not enough to make it feel like its worth the drive and time.
I cleaned off the deck yesterday. Took the table and chairs and stacked them and then raked - yes I said raked the leaves on the deck. I bet I had a pile big enough for a 5 year old to throw himself into it and not feel the ground. They were pretty red leaves off my Chinese Plum tree. I love that tree in the summer but fall it makes a mess. Anyway there was still a deck under those leaves.
The girls Thanksgiving Survival Book is making headway. They have been devoting about 3 hours a day to this project. We will start making pies and rolls in two weeks, so they have to have the actual cookbooks done. Then we get to start the decorations and table setting stuff. I'll have to take a picture and show all of you.
I love teenagers just because they can do their own thing... like wash and fold laundry. I remember when I had six small children in the house. I think I was doing laundry everyday and folding every evening and then putting the clothes away. I was much relieved when they could put their own clothes away. Now its like I don't even think about laundry for them. I have to say also my husband is good about doing laundry too. I actually haven't had to do our laundry for a year or so. I have to put away now. He does wash, dry and fold in the evening. That though has all come to a stop.... now that he is driving to Seattle everyday to Market. But I am ready to take the task on again.
I have to go get change for our banks today, for the two markets tomorrow. Its already Friday, how time flies. I guess I was so worked up for Tue. I forgot that the other days would follow behind. Anyway I have lots to keep me busy today.
Yesterday I made bread and donuts (chocolate).
Yesterday a few does came in heat so we just stuck one of the Boar bucks in with all the does. This will just make sure everyone is bred in case we missed someone. The funny part was our sannen buck broke the fence to get to the barn and does. We put him back three times and then I said enough. I stung some hot wire around the pen. As soon as I turned my back he touched the wire with his nose and jumped back. He hasn't climbed the fence since.
Well have a great day and look for the Son to come.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Sun isn't out but the day is still Warm

Here I am again. I am amazed I woke up this morning... thought the world would of ended by now. I am kidding! It will be a wonderful day to be alive and an American. I may not agree with the politics of our country but I bet there is no place else as good as the Old USA.
The dairy still goes on... we will still milk twice a day and grain and water all the goats. I still have to feed and manage my home and even be a wife to my husband. Amen for routines.
I mixed up some more garlic and dill chevre and plain chevre for David last night, to take to Pike this morning. Had to label some more pepper and grande rosa too. I went and got our new labels and what a convince they are - and they don't melt in water. Our milking went good except one glitch - the drain to the milk parlor was plugged and I had to unplug it. When my younger daughter milks and cleans things up ..... everything goes down the drain. I think the hay plugged it - but as children are "they didn't do it". Anyway it put a little glitch in the routine. We were in the truck on our way to church by 6:45. We got home at 8:40. I did my cheese stuff and then I laid on the couch and fell asleep. David loaded his car for market again. He is holding up pretty good, doing all the driving and standing.
The girls had computer class yesterday, so we went an hung out at the grange for 70 min. Then we ran Danyel to Biology class and Ali and I went and picked up the labels, got some laundry soap and picked up dog food - got done and picked up Danyel at school. The girls hit the cookbooks and got back onto doing their home ec. class. I kept the laundry going in the washing machine all day.... I hate folding!
I am going to make yogurt today - since I didn't get out there yesterday. I am going to clean the processing plant and make some cheese today. David moved all my cheese to our own cheese cave. Its holding the temp and the humidity too. Ya! It will work for us all winter, by the time warmer weather is here we should be able to get the compressor on and running, so through the summer it will be good too. My schedule is full for today.
This photo is Bernie our Anatolian Shepard - He is 5 years old.
Hope you all have a great day and get all that you have on your list done.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Day After Pill!

Well its another day in the U.S. A. - I think!

Have a glass of water and wait for the death of the things you once thought you valued. It won't hurt and you really won't miss it......until.........

My chevre is almost done dripping. I'll start some yogurt this morning. We have church tonight - so that makes us start milking early.
Yesterday we started chores at 4pm and were done by 6:15. My soup had been cooking all day and was ready to go by 6:50. I had made our Grange flier for our Christmas Party a few days earlier - it was tucked away in my briefcase. Off to Grange we went. The potluck dinner is always looked forward to by my children. Mostly the desserts!
Grange was really nice. The Indian Chief that told the stories was very good. My daughters really liked the stories. Grange went long last night so we didn't get home until 9pm. So the kids went right to bed.
A few slow does came into heat and so we put them in the pen with one of the Boar bucks. Well Ice didn't like that so he climbed the fence and got into that pen. Needless to say we ended up taking the Boar buck out and leaving Ice in with the does. (Ice is a reg. sannen Buck).
Our home school day was all around Thanksgiving, its a unit study. The girls have to make the menu and then adjust the recipes to make enough for the group coming for dinner. I made them use what our traditional dinner is. Its a great project. Lots of math and what better way to get girls really into homemaking. They will finish their project with helping make dinner and serving it. They said their new Thanksgiving cookbook is a Survival Cookbook - in case mom can't make Thanksgiving dinner they have all the directions to do it themselves. Ya! Independence.
Today I have to pick up our new labels that are done. I am totally out of Garlic and Dill Chevre. And David needs some made for the rest of this weeks Markets. David isn't going to take anymore yogurt to Pikes Place as its not selling very well. He did a little better yesterday selling cheese. Not anything like what we do at a local farmers markets.
Well I am trying to not show my emotions over this election, BUT......
I fear life is going to change..... and that all that I have learned in order to survive will come in handy. I don't know if we will be making cheese and living here on the dairy though. I will put ALL my trust in God. I know He will lead me through the valley of death and that I should not fear.
Anyway today we have computer class at Hope Grange for an hour. Then I need to do some domestic shopping for laundry soap. We rarely run out but somehow we did - and of course everyone NEEDS clean clothes TOday! That's just normal isn't it.
I am working also on my accounting - I am determined to have my accounting done by the end of the year in order to take it to the accountant for Taxes. I hate bookwork, it takes my total concentration and I have to sit and stay sitting to accomplish it. And a multi tasking brain has a hard time doing that.
This picture is me pinning my daughter Ali - at her Civil Air Patrol Encampment - a few weeks ago
Well, try and see the silver lining on the clouds - and Remember God is IN ControL.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Farming just keeps going, and going and going - like an battery!

The leaves are so beautiful today. A good rain and wind bring down the leaves. Our cement pad in front of the processing plant is covered with red leaves while the path leading to the buck pens is covered with yellow. The mountains show such pretty colors all around us. I think Fall is one of my favorite seasons. And Thanksgiving falls in that season and thats my favorite holiday.
Well David is going up to Pikes Place everyday. What a grooling week. The market hasn't done very good since we started going back up there.
Yesterday we had two girls on holiday from Australia stop by and tour the dairy. What sweet girls. They headed onto Portland to visit a friend there then onto Calf.
I made Chevre - 42 gallons, yesterday and so this morning I hung it to drain. The left over milk was picked up also yesterday. We are down to about 113 gallons a week now and dropping. Not sure I'll have any milk to pick up next week for them. I want to make a batch of Northwest Comfort and Black Jewel. And some feta, that should use up all the milk I get this week.
This evening we have to milk early in order to be at Grange by 6:00. I am the lecturer and its kind of important that I am there. We are having a guest speaker tonight, he is a Cowlitz Indian and he is going to tell some Indian stories for us. He is such a nice guy and we sure enjoy having him in our grange.
I think I'll make a refrigerator soup for the potluck. That is all the left overs in your refrigerator - no older than three days old - It always is very interesting. So I know there is stir fry and rice, spaghetti, roast with carrots and onions to start with.
I made chocolate cake donuts yesterday. YUM! Needless to say they are gone this morning.
I got grain last night too. I remember when we first moved here and was paying about $6.50 a bag for our wet cob and then $7 for our alfalfa pellets. We are now paying over $10 for both of those grain today. We shop around to find the best deal. Right now we are spending close to $300 a week on feed for our dairy, where it was about $450 a month for grain before. That is crazy. Our finances are really tight due to this huge increase in feed. Thank goodness gas prices are down. But the grain prices haven't started coming down yet and I expect they won't either.
I am taking our ballot into the court house this morning.
I just want to thank all the people that have bought our cheese and supported us through the year. We are also going to have holiday baskets for sale this year... if anyone is interested just contact us.
Well have a nice day. Will talk to you all very soon.