Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Summer review

Well the farmers markets have been going well. We seem to be selling alot of cheese and alot of those sales are repeats. I guess this is what we are striving for.... repeats.
Our goats have generally been pretty healthy. This last week one of our does got blue bag. Its the worst kind of mastiti your goat can get. One half of the bag that gets this infection actually rots and falls off. Its pretty ugly. Well its one of my daughters does and she is doing all the vet. work on the doe. The goat is eating and drinking and actually giving milk on one side. The other side will fall off pretty soon.
We are gearing up for homeschool for our high school daughters and middle school for our foster son. With all that comes more of my time divided and more running and less relaxing for me. I guess it keeps me young. Anyway everyone is ready for the school year to begin.
I am starting to get the word out that we are having a cheese class on October 25, 2008. I charge $35 for a 4 hour class. I feed you lunch and you get to sample other local dairies cheese. We have alot of fun at my class. Its hands on and lots of question and answer stuff. You get to go home with a booklet I put together with all the information that I talk about and show you. I teach how to make chevre and mozzarella. I have for sale rennet and milk and cheese clothe and sometimes I get ahead of my self and order cheese making books that I like to use. Anyway if anyone wants to come to the class its in Winlock, Washington at the Hope Grange. We also take a tour of our dairy and cheese making process plant.
Come have a good afternoon and enjoy some great company and make some cheese and eat some good food.

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