Sunday, August 3, 2008

New Cheese, or old one

This last week we worked well as a family. The dairy ran smoothly and the cheese curded up firmly. I made a 30 gallon batch of my Grande Rosa and one round of pepper cheese. We took it to the markekt and people are really liking it. This cheese is pretty cool, its got the texture of a mozzarella and it melts like that, but it has a little attitude. I made up the recipe or rather stopped a recipe where I thought it would make an interesting cheese. And actually if I was totally honest - it was a mistake that turned into a great cheese. I made this cheese last year and it did very well too. I just hadn't tried it since the cave was wash away in the December flood in Lewis county. But remembering it wasn't an actual aged cheese I thought I'd give it a try. The trick is to package it ALL up, where before we put it in the cave and packaged as we went. We have three refrigerates going with cheese stuff in them, so we have the room for all that cheese to be stored once packaged.
Our markets were all pretty good this week. The Longview markekt wasn't happening this weekend due to the Cowlitz Fair running. And they use the parking lot for the fairgrounds for the market. Could of been Messy.
Our two daughters worked at the Airshow in Centrailia this weekend which ment MOM had to round up the goats and milk them. Lucky for me they got home with still two loads to milk and I was relieved of my milking duty to go in the house and start dinner.
I painted the milk parlor this week and then drew a goat body on the wall above our milking stantions, well I finished lableing all the parts on the goat. And if I say so myself it looks pretty good. It will give visiters a chance to see the parts of the goat and be able to follow along as we discribe how we milk the goats. It will help our 4-H club know the parts as they can touch and see the parts of the goats while they are milking.
Our house has been hoping making cheese, leveling the processing plant again, painting and even fencing. It seems on the farm our work is never done, but we can sit around in the evening and watch the sun set.

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