Monday, November 28, 2011

Preparations for the Trip to Africa

Well I reserved my airline tickets to Rwanda today... It has been 4 years planning and working twords this event.  I will be helping a goat dairy start up and a processing plant start.  I will be teaching 150 women to care for goats and make cheese.  It is so exciting.  I have calanders to take over, soccor balls and clothes, and childrens shoes and clothes.  If you want to make any donations  you can contact me through my web page and we will figure out how to pick up your stuff. 
I am still not in the believing mode of this yet.  I have to go get my hepatis shot tomorrow, already have my pass port and I have to get the malaria perscription.  I need to get my phone worked out for international travel too.... so much to do.
We will start kidding in about two weeks and that should be done before I leave on January 18 thru Feb 10. 
Above all else please keep me in your prayers through this trip... its scary and fun at the same time.
I want to blog while I am gone so we will see what can be done about that too.  Well got to go mail a letter so I need to go.

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