Sunday, July 20, 2008

July 20, 2008

We got up at 7am after being at market yesterday it seemed we needed alittle more sleep today. Yesterday we did well at both our markets. We were down about $200 from last weekend. But there are so many activites going on that people try and make it to the Sat. markets as much as possible. From last year our numbers slowly went down from the first market, so its to be expected. The weather yesterday was really nice, a little wind. We left yeaterday at 7am in the morning and we both arrived home around 5pm. I stopped off and picked up one of our foster sons. We unpacked the cheese and counted it. We also unloaded both vehicals and then did chores. Doing Farmers Markets is so nice.... they are short in hours and intense while there.
Today I will be painting more in the milk room and finishing the parts lables on the goat in the milking room. The parlor looks so clean and it feels that way too. Milking went without incident and so did the chores. Ali is gone for a week so Danyel is milking for me this week. I am going to freeze the last of the chevre I made on Monday, there is only about 13 pounds left. I have washing equipment in the processing plant, which we call the Green House - due to its outside color. And my confusing the two houses when referring to them.

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