Friday, July 18, 2008

Life at Blue Rose Dairy

July 18,2008
Today we packaged up some Marinated Feta and Fresh Feta. David drove the cheese over to Adna, WA. to the Black Sheep creamery to vaccum pack the feta. We also took down about 82 pounds of Chevre that was hanging since last night. It turned out perfect too. I washed molds and rinsed out the cheese bags I use to hang my chevre in. This afternoon I worked on the milk parlor painting job. I have about 1/4 left to paint with primer. I also drew a saanen goat above the milking stantions and started labeling the parts of the goat. This will add a nice touch to our tours this summer.
Tomorrow is market in Longview and Des Moinse WA. David does the Longview one and I the Des Moinse. We have the truck and car loaded to go. Its always a busy morning, Sat.
Our morning will start at 5am, when I go out and clean the parlor to get ready for Danyel our 16 year old to start milking the goats. Ali will help Danyel to milk, so that she is ready to leave the farm for Civil Air Patrol at 7am. Ali will get herself ready to go to camp, where she is a counciler this year. David has to take one of our foster sons with him tomorrow due to a behavior problem. I will be taking Dutches, my papillion, to market with me.

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