Sunday, September 28, 2008

Its busy around the farm

So we had to take a trip to Hood River, Wa. today, that is only a 3 hour trip one way, to see our grandfather who is going to go home very soon. We drove through Longview and picked up my husbands mom and took her with us. The rest of the family is following in an hour or so. We will all be able to say good by to an awesome guy. Grandpa is like a month away from being 94 years old. So do you realize how many Presidents of the United States he has seen - WOW! Anyway we went and came home, it was 5:30pm when we got home and 6pm when we started milking tonight. And somewhere in irrational thinking I thought I should make some Grande' Rosa and Grande' Pepper cheese tonight - and some yogurt. Well I am finding out I am way to tired.... but I am already half way through the process at midnight. Crazy crazy... Anyway that is this evenings events. I did the milking this morning by my self as my two daughters were at a Civil Air Patrol event for the weekend. I felt pretty good doing it all by myself. 53 goats and loading them up (it is easy just look under the goat if she is full load her up) and then cleaning the parlor. My hands went numb a few times but I just shook it out and kept going. I even got done the time the girls get done. Pretty good for an old lady of 53. Anyway alls quiet on the Western front tonight.... except I should be sleeping instead of making cheese. Good night! Not yet not yet. Only another hour and I can hit the sack --- then back up at 5:30am.


  1. I just saw this post because you mentioned your daughters in CAP. It's a great program! And I use to raise goats too. I think I will have to order some cheese...

  2. If you like high quality cheese then you'll love my cheese. Its very good and that is what others say about my cheese. Civil Air Patrol expect my daughters to bring cheese and crackers for each of our gatherings and snack times. There is proof enough!