Monday, September 29, 2008

Wait Summer is here one more time!

Well today looks like a great day for painting. We will work on our homeschool this morning and then by this evening before milking we can paint the fences and finish up painting the milking parlor house. This photo is from last week during the sunshine. My daughter's and I worked to finish painting this building before the wet cold weather got here. We were almost finished, and now we get our second chance to completely finish the building today.
There never seems to be aday when something on the farm doesn't call for a helping hand. David will take advantage of the warm weather by pressure washing some more of the farm. His work barn area needs painted too. So we have our work cut out for this evening.
On the note of making cheese from last night... I actually got everything done and the cheese looks great. The yogurt for this week is fresh peach and honey.... yum! We are also having to get ready for the Pomroy Living Farm Pumpkin Festival in Battleground, Wa. Its a two day event. We drive there 1 1/2 hours, each day and come home in order to milk and take care of our goats and restock cheese for the next day. This is happening on Oct. 4 & 5th.
Well back to teaching my children how to be a responsible and productive adult in this world that is so unstable and questionable to say the least. Have a Great Day and enjoy Summer this week!

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