Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Well yesterdays work pays off. This is a picture of my Pepper Rosa. Its a really pretty cheese to eat and serve. Its not Hot just warm and has a texture like a mozzarella. Its one of our popular fresh pressed cheeses. My peach yogurt turned out great too. Wow! even tired I can win. Amazing. Yesterday I painted some more on the fence and am almost done with one side. I have to start painting the work barn shed next. David pressure washed it so its ready to do. We have a market this afternoon so I'll try and get the girls home school work done so that one of them will leave at 12:30 for the last Tue market today. We have only bred a few does in the last couple days, but I am sure it will start again real soon. I look forward to the kidding season only to say the babies are really cute. Because its the beginning of a lot of work here on the dairy. Just keeping the kids separated and then the extra time it takes to bottle feed them individually is a chore in its self.
The weather was great yesterday, sunny but not to hot. Today should be nice too. Its crazy how the weather effects what you do and the energy you have to do it with. On the dairy if its wet out we pretty much stay inside - the processing plant is usually where you'll find me. David chooses the Barn and his shop and the girls pick their fort in the hay loft in the barn. No one one wants to be in the house cause then you have to clean and pick up stuff. Though we all eventually end up in the house and clean and pick it up - its just our last choice.
Painting is on the schedual for me today. Have a Great Day! Eat some GOAT Cheese today!

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