Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My trip to Rwanda - Day 4

January 26
Got up today at 6:45am.  Jodi picked me up at 8:30am and we met Gashumba, he helps the women's co-op get organized and teaches them how to run the co-op.  What this entails are alot of talking and explaining sessions with these women.  They are smart believe me, they just have to be reminded over and over how it all works.  One of the things the women thought and kept bringing up at our meetings was that Jodi would give them goats.  They are so use to organizations giving them things they assumed that this was the case with the Sanctuary.  This was repeated over at each meeting we had that this was not the case.  I think in the end it became clear to them. 

This is the co-op womens group we worked with at one of the meetings we had later in the week.

After the very long meeting we came back home to Jemroses house and had lunch and then Jodi left to do more veterinary work and some of her errands.  I have another headache, don't know if its from the heat or elevation here.  I took some aspirin and went and laid down.  When I got up I went on the computer in Jemroses office and wrote to David and got to talk to all my children in the States.  So many questions and so many people on at one time it was crazy.
Jodi came back for dinner and then went back to the house she is staying at.  Jemrose had company this evening.  A husband and wife and three cute kids.  I gave them each a color book and crayons to entertain themselves while we visited.  They didn't speak English or not well, but Jemrose understood what they were saying.  These people are so sweet and kind.  I love the Rwandes people.  Today was kind of a relax day for me as I was home most of the day.  So I didn't take pictures
We  said our prayers and went to bed by 9:15pm.  Before I got to go to bed the oldest son had to catch a gecko that scampered into my room.

Faustin is teaching me Rwandes:
I am not spelling this right but it helped me sound the words out:
Azuro dkigiza - Good Night

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