Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rwanda Trip Day 3

This morning I was up at 6:30am and got to see the sunrise while eating my toast and fresh pinapple and cup of tea.
Jodi came at about 10am to pick me up.  She had Carlesa with her, she is the wife of the Dutch Embassy.  She is a really sweet lady.  And I must assume she loves adventure.
I must tell you about the roads here.  They are like going up into the mountains 4wheel driving.  They have thier paved roads and there are a lot of very nice dirt roads, but I starting noticing that Jodi loves taking the short cuts - which are roads with huge holes, sometimes ruts as deep as the tires are.  And sometimes the car is almost on its side... but she assures me, she knows how to drive them.  And I have to say she did too.
She took Carlesa and myself on one of those such roads this morning, I think to see if we were awake and had our energy juices running.  We actually went and picked up a puppy that had been caught running around and Jodi was going to take it to the Sanctuary.  The pastor that was holding it for Jodi was very nice and he was also helping the farming with the Rwandis people and he already had 3 dogs and didn't need another one.
We went out to the Sanctuary with the puppy.  It was along day looking over everything.  When we got there Emey took the puppy and put it into a quanteened pen.
The building in the background is the Office building thour right now it is housing chicks and chickens.  Being outside all day I got my first sunburn, though not bad it reminded me to put my sunblock on. 
So we took a tour of the Animal Sanctuary.  This is her rabbit and guinie pig pens.  Eventually she wants the rabbits to be in the pen that surrounds the little pens, running free.  They have snake wire around this pen to protect the rabbits from snakes.  I must mention - I didn't see any snakes while there.  Thank you Lord.
This is the chicken coop.  It is split into several differnt area's for the differnt ages of chickens.  On the side of the building are outside pens for the chickens to go into.  There is chicken wire in all the windows.

The building on the left is the goat barn and he one on the right is the chicken coop.  Her field is about half of the field area you see behind the barns.
This is the inside of the goat barn.  The open area is for the tree, it has weaver birds living in it.
Me and the Banana plants.  you can see a flower with the banana's growing on it. Jodi has quite a few banana plants.

This is the new well that was dug just before we got there.  It will water the plants and animals quite well.  The people that drilled it said the water was good water.... but I wouldn't try it (its not boiled and filtered).

This is one of the goats Jodi bought last year.  And Jodi brings them fruit scraps and this one sure likes it.

These are her other goats.  These are does.  The building to the right is the milk parlor and feeding area.

This is the new green house.  Jodi wants to grow some more exotic fruits and veg. in here.  This should open up a new market for sales.  This green house is huge.

This is the pinapple field.    We picked 2 pinapples this day.  It is the first harvest off of this field.

So they have water and fresh fruit... Ya!

This is the womens co-op's field of cabbages.  They tilled this field by hand and they carry water from the new well to water the plants.  The field is a bit of a distance from the well.  These are some hard working women.
After the agruiclture tour we went back to the main housing area and there were her two cats resting in the sun.
 Ater this tour we decided to head home.  Carlisa didn't want to leave the puppy, so we took it back to Kigali and she is going to adopt it.  But before we get very far we stop at a little bar type place and have a soda  and get a bottle of water to go.  This place had pool tables and tables and chairs and a counter area to order your drinks.  It sounds like a bar now that I think about it.  We sat outside at a table in the shade and took the puppy with us.  Carlisa bought the drinks and it was a very quenching drink.  Thanks Carlisa!
When we got back to Jemroses house I took a nap and Jodi took Carlisa home. 
We had beans and carrots and potatoes with peanut sauce and rice.  Dinner was cooked by the three girls.  It was very tasty.  I took a shower today, in cold water.  Dont cringe yet.... thier water isn't anything like the NorthWests water temperature.  The water was cool but it sure felt good.  Everyday I did sponge baths and made sure to wash my feet, face, neck and arms.  When I would wash my hair there was so much red dirt in it the whole shower area turned brown. 
Today I saw my first geco, climbing on the wall.  I saw many geco's during my visit.  They never were on the ground and they eat mosqitoes.  Jemrose said when they moved to this house there were no geco's.  So they prayed for them to come....and they came.

                                                                   This is a baby one. 
I also saw a hug cockroach on the wall outside.  I didn't take a picture but it was almost the size of my hand.  Ick!
One side note is that just before sunset we shut all the windows and pull all the curtains.  No mosqitoes get in this way.  I also never did use the bug net... there were no bugs yet!
Bed was sweet tonight.

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