Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Plugged Drain!

Well nothing like starting your day out right. Its 6:30am and the drain to the parlor is plugged. This happened one time before and it took us weeks to get it unplugged. The water is backing up under the bulk tank and is over flowing its outside drain hole. Great I hate this kind of work. So as of this moment David is out in his boots trying to figure out how to get the drain unplugged.
On a better note our goats are looking so healthy and acting so good. It is great to watch them in the field when they are in such good shape. Though we strive to keep them this way there are times when its not so good. The early spring before I worm is one of those times. But their weigh is right on now and their hair shines and their ears are forward and their eyes are bright. This is a picture of all our does waiting to go back into the barn while we are cleaning the barn. That is also one of those jobs we really don't enjoy. We have hog panels that make up our pens in the barn. So when its time to clean the barn out, it means take all the panels off and the gates and then we take everything out of the barn down to the clay. Thats why we use shavings instead of hay for bedding. The tractor can move the shavings easier. We do this every 6 months and last month was our 6 month clean. Then we put new shavings on the ground put the panels and gates back up and we are good to go for another six months. About every month we put a new layer of shavings on top, so you can see by the time we clean out we have accumulated several layers of chips. We always try and have it clean for kidding season and then right after that season its time to clean again.
Guess what? The drain is clear. Ya! Life is good. I hope you have a Great Day and keep your chin up and smile.

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