Friday, March 13, 2009

Another Week in March

Good Morning:
This is Monday morning Snow! This is Kitty Kitty with one of her twins on Thur.
Well as you can tell I am getting slower and slower getting my blog done. Its because life is getting faster and faster. I am finding it hard to jump off the merry-go-round when its going so fast. Anyway I'll try and at least blog once a week ---- but don't hold me to that either.

Sat. The girls and I went to the grange to help with the baking contest. And actually we were there for support for our grange - I sat and learned a new stitch in crochet. We had people come and pick up baby goats. And we picked up the house. David went to market and did pretty good. I went grocery shopping to get ready for the storm that was coming.

Sunday was church it snowed. David didn't go to market for fear the snow would be worse than it was and when it snows in Seattle everyone stays home. We enjoyed watching the snow.
David worked on some projects - like the compresser seems to want to shut off. We got stuck milking by hand while David tried to figure out the compresser. That was not fun. We worked on filling out all our farmers market papers and applying for the health certificates - which we have about 7 different ones to do. They all cost a pretty penny too. We burned horns and gave shots to some of the babies we are keeping. David is the official burner and I am the shot and bander person. The girls are the carriers. It works!

Monday it snowed.... David still had to mess with the compresser. We had a friend that is an elctrician come and look at it and he said it wasn't electrical. So that left David trying to figure it out. It runs now but not really well - its real slow and kind of lugging down. Danyel had biology -so David took her. He also did the banking and running around to get dog food, grain and some medicians for us all. We came down with that crud stuff last week and we all still have the cough.
We had three does kid without incident. I have people on waiting lists for these babies and so the does finally started kidding again. We have had a week of no babies.

Tue. I made chevre - emptied my bulk tank 39 gallons and so I had to clean that too. We rean to Longveiw 45 miles, to pick up some supplies for the Farmers Markets and visit with David's mom and Dad. Danyel and I stayed at Davids parents and visited while David ran around and payed bills. Then we all visited for about 1/2 hour and then we were on the road again. Got home by 4:15 and started chores. I cooked dinner - David got his chores done and came in and ate and the left for prayer meeting at church. The girls and I stayed home finished chores and ate dinner. Mailed all our apps. off for Farmers Markets. We have signed up for 10 markets. Our only day off is Monday. If we can keep up with it we should be able to get out of some of the holes we have had to dig financially. We had two more does kid today and they did great. So I have 7 babies on the ground. We brought one baby in the house and tubed it some milk. Its pretty weak. We'll see how that goes. Doesn't look good though.

Wed. Paula and her sister from the Chronical came and did an interiew about my up coming cheese class. So they got the tour and tasted all the cheese. I happened to have Chevre hanging so that was some good photo's. The article will come out Thur the 18. Cant wait to see it. They are coming back on Sat. to take a few photo's of the tour that is coming and they are also going to take my cheese class. One of our friends that bought a baby goat came by for me to look at thier babies cause they weren't eating well. They looked fine and she bought some milk and went home. David went and got 20 bales of hay from some people at the grange that are getting ready to move. He ran to the bank too. We went to church at 7pm. When we came home from church the baby was dead. So I guess tomorrow I'll bury it. So now I have 6 babies on the ground. And they are all sold.

Thur. David went to market this morning. I didn't have to package anything this morning so I stayed in bed till 6am. Got the girls up for chores and did a little homeschool. Danyel had Biology and after class we ran to Olympia to drop off a round of Grande' Rosa to the Dockside Bistro. We stopped and got lunch on the way there. On the way home we stopped at Walmart to pick up some printer ink, and some other misc. stuff for markets and my cheese class. We ran to Stapels and got my binders for the cheese class. Then to the Farm Store to get some teet dip for the milk parlor. Finally we got home at about 3pm. I had to start making bread for my womens group at 6:30pm. It was cooked and ready to go by 6:30. Yes I was alittle late - but the ladies were alright with that cause I had warm bread to go with our soup. The meeting was great and company was good.- Food was good too! Danyel and Ali had TV dinners (which we don't have very often so they were happy). David did really well for a Thur. at market.
He had lots of work for me to do when I got home at 8:45. Package 15 pounds of chevre for the Seattle Art Musem, 12 pounds of chevre for Mishu. Got it done and was in bed by 10:30pm.

Friday March 13. I got up at 4:30 to package some Marinated Feta and to package some plain chevre for David to take to market. I got the girls up at 6:30to do chores we were done by 8:30 and ate breakfast and did some homeschool. I'll take Danyel to school for Biology and then go get her and then Ali and I will head to Longview. I have to go get my health certificate there. Go to Winco for soup supplies for the cheese class and then run by the fabric store and see if I can find my yarn for the baby blanket I am making. On the way home we'll stop by Winlock and pick up our library book and deposit money in the bank. My cheese class is full now and I even have a few extra in the class. So all is looking well.
Have a Great Day..... Enjoy Spring!

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