Friday, March 6, 2009

Busy, Busy Busy, Cheesemaking, Kidding, Milking

This is Ali working with Maggi on the obstical coarse that she made.

Good Morning:

Well, we are in full swing now. I made my first batch of Grande Rosa and Pepper Rosa. This morning I have to turn the cheese over and put the weight back onto them. Tomorrow I'll salt the rounds and let them develop a rind on the rounds. And then next week David will be taking some new cheese to market to sell. Plus the SAM Restruarnt wants two pounds to try in thier recipes as soon as possible. It is always kind of scary to start the pasturizer and start the whole process going again. We only have a little chevre, marinated feta and Black Jewels and NW Comfort. We have sold out of everything --- which is good and bad. David left for market today - he is still going up Thur. Frid. and the weekend. We are milking 26 does and have 4 boar mom's with kids running around in the pasture.

We have joined an online Farmers Market I am also on Facebook as Blue Rose Dairy. So I am spending more time on the computer. Its hard to fit that into my daily schedual. So please check us out.

The girls took thier HAM radio test and they both didn't pass by 2 & 3 questions. So I thought that was pretty good for them. They were only taking the class so they could get thier credits and so it would help them in thier Civil Air Patrol Search and Rescue services.

Babies have slowed down now. Its the lull before the storm. I bet they will start this weekend and its going to snow - so I am not going to like having to spend time out in the barn. Our ad on Craigs list has sold all our babies and we have orders for more.

We took 6 bucks kids to the auction and I got a bill for $2. They sold them 2-$10 and 4-$5 total amount of sale was$42 and they charge $5 a kid and $2 a kid for yardage..... We will not be taking any more goats to that auction - Chehalis. I would suggest other small animal owners wanting to sell animals find another avenue.... Like Craigs List.

I did have to deliver one kid that was dead last week. It was a breech and the legs were forward. It was a really hard labor. But the good news is the mom did really well and is doing great today. Her one kid was fine.

The Seattle Art Museum Resturant is upping thier order from 10 lbs a week to 15 lbs and wanting to try my yogurt. Dockside Bistro is also uping thier order too.

Our 4-H club is making plans for thier overnighter at the dairy, with a club from Clatskanie,OR.

We have 3 tours of 30 people each, coming, this month. And my cheese class is in about 10 days.

Its crazy here.... As usual.

Keep your chin up... its one of the thing we have control of that the government can't take or tax!

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