Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More Babies More Snow

Hello: Its been almost a week since I up dated you all. This last week we have been working on getting all our farmers markets lined up, signed up and payed up. Its really crazy when you are in so many markets and there is only two people. But I think I only have three more market to get signed up with. And hopefully this week that will come to pass.
Sat. was crazy. My morning started at 4:30, I got up and packaged cheese for David to take to market. And then worked on getting things all ready for the tour at 1:30 today. Mopped floors washed and put away dishes, cleaned the pasteurizer, organized the cupboards. David left at 6am - I woke the girls up then. The girls had two girlfriends spend the night so we had extra hands today and also for tomorrow. So they first fed the babies which we have about 25. I went and cleaned the milk parlor while they took care of the babies. The girls got done milking and got dressed for Civil Air Patrol. We left at 8:30 for that. I got home at about 8:50 and went out to work on the milk parlor and get it cleaned up. At 9am a lady came to pick up goats -10 of her 20 kids she ordered. Got them loaded up and on their way and then at 10am another lady came and she bought a round of Grande Rosa and loved on her baby goat that I am holding onto until the second lamancha kid is born. I went and picked up the girls at noon. We got lunch done and the group from Auburn WA was here for their tour. This was a 4-H group "Fantabulous". There was about 20 people in the group. They were very nice and I think they enjoyed themselves.
David got home at 7:30 from market and I actually sold more than he did. I was in bed by 9pm.
We had two does kid with twins on Sat morning too.
Well guess what I saw on the ground at 5:30 am..... You probably guessed........SNOW. We had about 2 inches. David got up and loaded the car to try and make it to market. The forecast said high winds 50-60 in Seattle this afternoon. David got to Tacoma and said he was coming home. The weather report got worse and worse as he drove and the snow was everywhere. Not a good day in Seattle for market. The girls and I got the chores done and in the house and ate breakfast. We had one doe have twins this morning. When David got home we decided to go to church in spite of the snow. It had started raining so things were getting slushy. When we got home and had a tour at 1:15. It was a family tour so there were 4 people. They bought some cheese also. A friend that came by to pick up their daughters also bought some cheese. I am making Feta today, I carried 38 gallons of milk down to the processing plant. The cheese looks good. When we went to do chores and round up the goats we saw our first dead coyote. Bernie's first kill in the pasture. We took pictures cause of the awesome event. The coyote was not to far from the barn. GOOD JOB BERNIE! I made a pastry with garlic and dill chevre in it and it was very good.
Monday - We got up and did chores to find that three does had twins. The girls and I started in on our homeschool stuff. David ran around today. Got hay, grain, meds. He called a couple restaurants. A russina guy came by and bought 4 gallons of milk - to make cheese with. A family came by too to look over six buck kids and pickup two that were ready to go. They will be back on Friday to pick up four more boys. As fast as the does have babies they are sold. This has been a great year for baby goats. I called and ordered business cards and lables they should be ready this week. I also got a catering order from Chehalis for some chevre and feta's. I'll deliver those on Friday. David and I went and got more ink for the printer and also my folders to put my cheese class books together.
Tues. We had two does kid in the morning they each had twins. All our pens are full of moms and kids right now. We did our chores and I again got the processing plant cleaned up. I put the Feta in the refrigerator for its aging time. I cleaned the milking parlor up and reset it up. We have another tour of homeschool children that want to milk the goats, feed the kids, and taste the cheese. David layed some extra hay on the muddy spots around the farm. I hope it doesn't rain today while the tour is here. They arrived at 3pm there was about 20 - 4 parents and the rest children from 13 years down to 7 months. They had a good time on the tour. The big thing was the end event. A doe had twin bucks while they were here. I had to help - partly because she was sort of slow in the process and I wasn't sure if she really didn't need help. Anyway what a treat.... those kids were so excited and interested in the kidding process.
This group helped with milking, graining and the bottle feeding they left about 6pm. I was so tired and the girls were too. I had put in a big roast and had it cooking all day, so when we got in dinner was almost done. I did some baked potatoe's and corn and salad. I was in bed at 10pm.
So today we have a 4-H meeting, and homeschool. I'll put together my cheese bookelts and organize all the stuff that goes there for the class. I have about 27 signed up for the class.
We are milkng 32 does right now and will add on 6 more by Sat.
Have a great day. I tried to load pictures today but for some reason they wouldn't load. So I'll try tomorrow.

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