Monday, January 9, 2012

Another Intern bites the dust!

Our newest intern wanted to make cheese right off the bat, like I am going to turn over my machine to just anyone....NOT!  He left mad cause after observing him for about 1 week we thought better than to turn him loose with my business.  He was nice - just thought he knew more and could do more than I was ready to let him.  Anyway the stress level here at the farm has dropped alot. 
This summer I had a couple who makes soap come and spend many days at the farm and helped me make cheese and package and lable too.  They are who we chose to make cheese while I am gone to Africa.  He bought two kids from me and is going off to Calf. to start a dairy... Only problem is he doesn't want to clean and do the grunt work that is all part of the farm thing.... Goood Luck Timmy.
Well I took 21 kids off to the auction in Chehalis to be sold.... Got the reciept in the mail today and I owe the auction $37.  I paid someone to buy all those kids.  Man oh man I am mad.  I will not ever again take any kids there again... And I will telll everyone about the rip off place.
I also thought it would be a no big deal to go get my last two shots.... not so.... and its going to cost me $350 to have two shots...  I am so disappointed.  So after I pay for my shots I have about $100 to spend in Africa instead of $500.  Please pray God will send me some more money to take.
We just had two goats kid in the last few days.  We have a few more goats to have babies and then we are done.
Taneka and Mark made the batch of cheese that is hanging now.  We will hopefully take it down tomorrow or Wed.  We are going to package abunch of resturant orders tomorrow.  We also are having a tour, a guy come buy 2 kids, and my accountant is coming too.
It will be crazy tomorrow.
Today though was sit back and relax.... I think after all the drama of Tim we were all exhausted with trying to understand a person thats not easy to understand.
Anyway have a great day.

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