Friday, January 6, 2012

Bucks off to the Auction

We got up to frozen ground this morning... no fog.  The girls and I had to do all the chores cause Tim and David headed to Seattle to deliver cheese and sell at Pikes Place.
We only have one mom with twin bucks still in a pen.  So feeding extra goats is pretty easy.  We have turned the boar mom and her twin bucks loose in the top so they can go out and run and eat grass.  We are milking about 35 does now.  I was sure glad to be done milking this morning.  Bottle feeding was long and the only thing that kept us going was that tonight we will be 21 kids less.  After milking I ran the babies to the auction.  I am making cheese tomorrow after milking.  Ya!  It should be a good batch since I am not using 8 gallons a day to feed the kids.  We are going to start the older kids on the Lambar bucket with 10 nipples on it.  That cuts feeding them down to about 10 min for 10 kids.  So much faster.  I still have about 10 does to sell  But I have a guy coming tonight to buy two and then tomorrow another person is buying 2 and then Sunday I have a 12 year old that has saved her money up for two does.  That leaves me a few left and I have another lady coming to buy some for her sons birthday gift. 
So that should just about do it.  We have about 10 does left to kid.... but that could be a month off. 
I am going to dump milk into the bulk tank tonight after milking cause I don't have to save any for kids. 
Two friends who have helped before make cheese are coming over to make cheese with me.  They will be making cheese while I am gone.  That should keep my husband happy and supplied with cheese. 
Last night a friend and her two boys and husband came and helped feed the baby goats.  We took pictures of him in the pen with the baby goats while they were attacking him.  He loved it.  It was so cute.  He kept sneaking out of the house to go hang with the big kids so he could feed the goats.  What a trooper. 
I stayed up from 8:00pm to 10:30 pm packaging cheese and labeling it for David to do market today.  I didn't know he was going to stay and do market... Hope he does well.  We are behind on some bills and need to make money.
I have saved almost all the money from the sales of kids for my Africa trip... I hid it!  I did have to pay a bill of 150 yesterday though with it.. God will supply what I need.
Well I am going out to clean the pasturizer so tomorrow I am ready to make cheese.  The cheese cloth was washed yesterday and is ready, the 10 buckets are washed and ready... Now to make it.  I have to order bags tomorrow and pray they get here soon.  I have a big order for Friday.  So the wows of a farmer.....$$$$.
Have a Great Day

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