Thursday, January 5, 2012

What a Lovely Day

I have to say it is a good feeling to work with your hands, to be outside and smelling fresh air.  My job lets me have all these benifits.  I think farmers stay healthier than city folks, because of our lifestyle.  We don't need entertained - we are to tired.  We don't need fancy food - cause usually when foods on the table we just eat it.  And we don't need fancy cars - goats, hay and grain mess it up.  Cothes are usually two kinds - farm and town, neither is to fancy cause we don't have the energy or time to care.
But in all farm life is good.
As I am out milking this morning I am thinking about the last 10 years that we have been here at Blue Rose Dairy.  The changes we have gone through, the different situations we have had to over come.  the number of goats we have had and then not.  How our children have grown up and flew the coop.  And where are we going next? 
The things that stick out the most with me is the smell of the morning air, early morning.  The thousands of beautiful sunrises and sets we have seen - because we are always outside during them.  The weather changes we  have endured.  Rain, Rain, Snow, Sleat, Frozen rain, frozen ground.  Its always changing.  I think God does this to keep us on our toes.... and making us ready to change in a moment if need be.  From getting up and putting on warm gear, ear muffs and gloves and stripping everything off before the morning chores are done.
We have met  some great people at the markets we have sold our cheese at.  And we have met some real stinkers.  We have had opportunites open up for our farm and other ones close.  My husband is a real salesmen and loves the challenge of a good chef.  He loves to visit and share our story with eveyone.  Sometimes I think alittle to much - but that is David.
This farm has been a blessing to more people than we can count.  We have opened our doors to everyone and anyone.  We have always said if you want a place to stay your welcome --- but you will have to work on the farm.  God has taken care of us through thick and thin and He still is.
We are almost done with kidding season already and the cheesemaking part starts again.  The weather is clean and clear and we look forward to meeting more people and sharing our love of goats and cheese with anyone who will listen.
I hope you have a wonderful day.... The Sun is shinning and the sky is blue and my farm is smiling.

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