Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Busy Busy at Blue Rose Dairy

Yesterday we went out to the barn to triplest - all boys, and a set of twins.  We had two more does kid during the day.  We are milking 26 does and have picked out only 6 does kids for milk replacers.  We have a huge amount of buck kids that are going to the auction on Friday.  I need to make cheese and they are between me and pastuizer.
Tim is back from his weekend in Seattle spending time with friends.  He has been doing the watering and is helping feed kids - 40 of them - bottles.  He finds things to do around the farm when we all go our own directions.  Hope he is learning what he will need to take care of his 3 kids he is buying.
Danyel and Ali will be gone all day today- until chores at 4:30.  I have to make a big dinner tonight cause I think we will be having extra kids today.
I want to go and get the processing plant set up and cleaned.  I need to package some feta for my mom in Arizona.  She has been selling it down there.  I have to package cheese for resturants on Friday of this week. 
I am hoping to be able to make a batch of cheese on Sat.  We should have alot less kids to feed so I should be able to save a bunch of cheese.  I got about 7 gallons today and so I put 5 in the cooler and will add to that each day.  Hoping for a 30 gallon batch but we will see.
Its windy out today and they said we were suppose to get some more rain. 
Well I am thinking about Africa, since I have only a few weeks to go.  I just hope the farm holds up while I am gone.  Taneka and Mark are coming over to make cheese for me.  That will help alot.  They have helped me in the past.  So they are very familier with my processing plant.  Maybe Tim can watch and learn but they will be the cheese makers while I am gone.   
Well I will add more later.

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