Friday, February 27, 2009

Snow Vaccum Sealer and Kids

The snow picture is Thur morning, New babies taking it easy and my New vacuum sealer has arrived.

Good morning: Sorry its been awhile since I wrote. Lots has happened. Like yesterday I sat down and type this entry and then it wouldn't post and then I lost it. I was really sick and hard to concentrate so I just aborted the idea. Today I find the draft and there is nothing but the three pictures. So I'll try and recap the week. I am still not feeling so good. Coughing really takes it out of you... Since the 20th we have had 15 does kid = 28 kids. We are currently milking 24 does. We dropped the first milk into the bulk tank this morning so I hope to be making a batch of cheese on Tue or Wed. We'v had one baby born dead - I had to pull it and it was backwards and upside down... so it took alittle manuvering to get a hold of the legs so I could deliver it. It was also a dry birth and it was a big buck on top of it. But mom and one kid are doing fine. As I am typing I have a black Alpine in labor - but I have that funny feeling things are not right, we will wait a half an hour and if I don't see at least a baby's nose I'll have to go in and check to see what the hold up is. The girls and I have all been sick and so things are moving really slow around the farm. We'v not left the house and not done anything but sleep and drink hot tea and orange juice. David had a good weekend at Pikes Place and this weekend seems to be doing pretty good too. Then we have been selling our kids for $25 each and a friend of mine put them on Craigs List and they have been going out of here pretty fast. Which is great! On Wed. our Vacuum Sealer arrived and I was to sick to even go out and see it unpackaged. But David has already played with it and it works great. The next day our 2000 bags arrived for the sealer. We are sure looking professional now.
Jodi a friend I'v met through Grange - goes to Rwanda to take care of the gorilla's there - she is a veterinary. She is also helping the people obtain dairy goats and is teaching them to make cheese. She came on Tue and spent half the day feeding kids, milking goats and talking cheese. She would like me to go to Rwanda next year in October to teach the people to make cheese and to help get thier operation off the ground. And that sound like a real adventure. Kathleen is another friend who helps women in Kenya make cheese and learn to milk goats is teaming up with Jodi and that would mean I might get to visit both ladies parts of Africa. Its kind of scary to think of leaving the USA, but both women tell me that the African people like Americans.
Anyway oh yes I woke up Thur to snow on the ground. David went to market anyway and he said there were lots of crashes and wrecks everywhere. He made it safely to market and home that night.
Well since I am alittle slow I think I'll close with the thought of a warm bath and soft music and a hot cup of tea and then to bed sounds wonderful.

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  1. Sorry you are sick,hope you get better soon. Glad you have your own vacuum sealer, that will make your life so much eaiser. So good to read all your blogs, Love Mom