Sunday, July 24, 2011

The day after

Danyel dr visit was pretty simple, he gave her a muscle relaxer and said she wrenched her shoulder. That was a good report. She is feeling better and moving the arm a little more.
Today the four grandsons went to the farmers market with Papa. He had a record day selling but the boys wore him out. The girls and I relaxed until about 10am - after doing chores and milking the goats. Then we went to the store to pick up Danyels meds. - they didn't have them so we ran some more erronds and went to the dr's office and they said they would send it over again and it should be there when we get there. So we drove back to the store and they still didn't have the perscription... so Danyel told them we would get them tomorrow. We went to some garage sales on the way home and found some treasures. Shawn, my son and his girlfriend came this evening to pick up two of the six grandkids. Its way to hot to do chores yet so I think I will start dinner and feed everyone before we do chores.
Right now the two youngest grandsons are playing basketball with Papa and the three older ones are playing the Wii. And Nana is resting.

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