Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thousand trails campground

We took the grandkids up to see grandparents Riders yesterday. They were at Thousand Trails in Centraila. The weather was kind of cool under the trees, but the pool area was warm, still no sun though. The kids spent most of thier time splashing, squirting and jumping into the water. As for the older ones we all sat around the pool watching and chatting. It was a nice break from the farm. I milked in the morning and evening and we had Girl Scout Garbage for dinner - something I learned to make when I was a leader...It was very good. Made Justin take a spitz bath as his leg. The boys have been sleeping in the tent for the last week. Sure makes the house quiet. The granddaughters slept in the house due to Danyels fall. They were happy about that anyway.
My bucks are going crazy... so many girls to pick from in the herd. We will have early babies next year. Thats good cause the resturants want thier cheese...
Markets this weekend were pretty good. Thats nice since we were feeding more mouths than normal. God always has a way. Well I am making cheese today - Chevre- 52 gallons. Its quick and easy to make. We are still having problems with getting Animal Rennet though. So I use mine very sparingly... if that is possible. I will go on ebay today and order another pint while I wait for our usual supplier to get my gallon. This has never happened before so its really strange to be in such a spot. Well have a great day... all is well at the dairy!

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