Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Evening at Work

I just cleaned the milk parlor and Danyel is milking tonight... Ya! Justin is out helping her and babysitting her I think. I am heading out to the processing plant to cut up some grande rosa for a restaurant and some for the market tomorrow. I also have to package marinated feta and lemon and honey chevre. I am only going to do what needs to be done tonight. I have 7 orders for this weekend... for restaurants. So tomorrow I will be busy packaging. Got my chevre made today so I will hang it tomorrow morning. I have a tour tomorrow too. Justin did all the watering tonight and even carried a bag of grain into the milk parlor. What a great Grandchild he is.
David got hay today and also hooked up the brush hog onto the tractor. He is going to teach Justin how to mow the field. Justin can't wait. He is 10 and all farm boy.


  1. G-kids are great, they love working on the farm and helping out. Makes them feel good and it helps to have company whether they are good at it or not. Marinated chevre sounds wonderful!

  2. Rhonda - Blue Rose DairyAugust 4, 2011 at 12:37 PM

    It is really great. I have made it for our family. Both kinds of kids are great they entertain each other. We will miss having our children around to help with the farm. But our lives are taking the next turn in our lives.... just me and my husband. Wow never thought the day would come have had kids for 30 years.