Thursday, July 21, 2011

The end of the Day

Well I packaged about 150 pieces of cheese today. I just got done cleaning the parlor so Danyel can milk tonight. I bought a frozen lazana for dinner , its in now heating up. Green salad, ranch cressing and some mixed veg. and some french bread. Yum! The three grandsons did the watering and I will go do the graining of the few goats we have that don't get milked. We also have a White Irish Dexter calf she is 8 months old... she isn't white her name is Ebony - she pulled all the black from the ears and hooves of the mom and dad. I will milk her and make butter and use the cream. She is just for our use. Well I need to go finish my processing plant clean up and then I will lable and weigh the cheese while watching TV tonight. I have to also put my cheese class books together. I have 12 people coming tomorrow morning at 10am - 2pm for the cheese making class.

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