Monday, September 19, 2011

Bad things come in Three's

Well yesterday was quite the day.  Danyel and I got up at 6am to do chores.  She milked and I did the watering and graining.  Danyel came up from the basement and said there was water in front of her bedroom door.  I asked is it coming from the bathroom and she said she didn't think so but it was to much water for the dogs to have made.  I told her to get some towels and put them over it and I would check later.  We left to go to the train station - Danyel was taking the train to Seattle to see Taylor her boyfriend for the day.  Alls good.  I ran to the farmstore to get some grain as we ran out and had to short the girls in the morning of thier grain.  Its 12:30 and I am home.  I looked at the peaches and pears and thought canning those today were in order.  But I figured I could do that while the milk was pasturizing to  make the Grande Rosa.  So I go out and get the pasturizer going then head back in to can the fruit.  Went downstairs to get some more jars and thought about the water...... Lordy!  I opened the bathroom door and there was standing water on the floor and in the shower.  So I thought that maybe the shower had dripped and the drain was plugged ... so I got the plunger and proceeded to  use it.... yikes water comes shooting up and over flowing more and now its going fast out the bathroom door.  So I put the plungger back onto the drain to try and slow that flow down.  Ran up stairs and grabbed all the towels to put down to block the flow from spreading all over the floor.  So I get that sort of under control and head back upstairs to wash jars and start canning.  Phone rings, its a good friend who had told me she was coming over for a visit on Sunday - I forgot.  I said great see you soon.  No big deal I can do all these things at one time ---- right*  Then the phone rings again and I have some local people that want to come for a tour at 1pm, I said sure.  So the friend shows up about 12:15 and visited while I cut up my peaches and got them into the jar.  I put the teapot on the stove to warm water up, but realizing the water in the canner wasn't to hot I just dumped the water from the teapot into the canner and put the teapot back onto the burner ( I didnt realize but I hadn't turned the burner off).  Then the tour came and we all went outside to do the tour.  I checked on the pastuizer to see where I was and then we went to the milk parlor to get my friend some milk for her dog that has arthritis and the milk seems to help.  Then she left and I went on with the tour.  I thought I should go check the canner but then decided it would be alright.  OK, I came back to the house to get spoons for sampling to find the teapot had cooked and the plastic had melted ontot he stove and there was black smoke everywhere.  I opened the window's and doors and turned the fans back on.  I played it off with the people for the tour as not a big deal.  The breaker had flipped so that was good.  After the people left I assessed the damage.... Good by stove I had fried something.  It wouldnt turn on.  Ok no big deal we have an old stove in the barn we will clean up and bring in.  Its about 3:35 now and David should be home in about 1/2 hour.  I didn't tell him anything until he came into the house.  He went down stairs and checked the basement and called our plumber.  Then came upstairs to check out the stove.  Yup I killed it.  So he started getting it pulled out from the wall and then he went and got the old stove out.  I started chores its 5pm.  I thought about Danyel and she should be getting ready to board the train for home and would be here to do the feeding and watering this evening about 7pm.  I was cleaning the parlor when David came out and said Danyel missed the train.  And it was the last one for the day to get back home.  She was going to stay with a friend down in Seattle.  But now I would  have to do all the chores.  Ya!  So I did.  I also had to take down the chevre I had hanging too.  During this time David and the Plumber guy are out trying to find the top to the septic tank... to no avail... now its dark and they decide to tackle it this afternoon.  David did some of the chores this morning and I milked and did the rest.  He is heading to Seattle for a special resturant order delivery and to pick up Danyel.
I cant use water or flush the toilet in the house.  We are going to have to have the septic pumped out.  Oh joy.  $$$$$ its always about Money.
I am going to start a batch of feta today and clean out the bulk tank.  Just to let you know the light at the end of the tunnel is a bike ride to Mt. St. Helens tomorrow on the motorcycle.

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