Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cheese festival at Madison Market

Well  yesterday I went to Seattle to Madison Market and did a demo with like 9 other cheese makers or reps. from thier farms.  It was pretty fun.  It was busy so time flew by.  I demo'ed my chevre.  I made a chevre fondue and a balsamic vinegar and honey reduction with dates in it for another and then the garlic and dill chevre.  These were served with crackers and bread.  I used  2 quarts of fondue and it was all gone by 3pm.  It is really good.  I took a regualar fondue and substitued my chevre for the cheese they called for.  It was so tasty.
So yesterday was quite crazy in the morning.  I got up at 5 to clean the parlor and the girls, Danyel and Katie (her friend) got up at 5:30 to load the goats and to feed and water.  I started milking as soon as they had the girls penned.  Danyel had the Olympia market to go to and David went to Proctor in Tacoma.  So the girls got thier car loaded and animals taken care of and they came out and relieved me a t 6:30 so I could get dressed and load my car up for my trip to Seattle.  I left at 7am and the girls were done milking at 6:50am.  They came in and got dressed and left at 7:30 for Olympia.  I got home about 6:30 pm and went out and cleaned the milk parlor and then started my chores.  David got home a little before me and Danyel just a little before David.  I knew if I sat down I would be asleep.  So I hurried and got my chores done.  I might add I was alittle ticked - no one was helping.  David was counting the money and doing the books.... Danyel had a friend over and was talking....So when I got done - after I vented a little _ I went to the neighbors to have a glass of wine and get away from the farm.  I came home about 10pm and went to bed.
Today Danyle milked the morning cause she is taking the train to Seattle to hang with her boyfriend who is going to college up there.  She will be home tonight about 7:30 and will feed and water the goats.  I will milk the girls.
I have to get two batches of cheese made today.  I have 45 gallons of milking pasturizing for my Grande Rosa batch and then I will drain the bulk tank and make feta this evening.  I also have peaches to can today and pears and also try and get some strawberry jam made.  The house will be quiet so I should be able to work hard today.  Then tomorrow I am going on a motorcycle ride up to Windy Ridge on Mt. St.. Helens with John our adoped grandpa. 
Well got to go get Danyel off on the train and then run and get some grain for milking tonight then back to the cheese making, canning and of course dishes washed.

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