Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

Today we are changing our front room around. We found a good deal on a new older couch and a recliner. So we moved the old couch outside and I shampooed the carpet. The new furniture will be here this afternoon.
I have found some rennet... right in my back yard - Seattle. The cheese connection. They are actually bringing it to me on thier way out of town. A gallon! Ya! so they are going to tour and taste my cheese too. Then I have some people coming from Shelton for a tour today too.
I am planning on making some Chevre today and then tomorrow make some more feta.
I did all the milking yesterday as Danyel went and spent the day with her boyfriend and his family. David was at the farmers market.
It was quiet here and I didn't do a whole lot. Just caught up on some of my house cleaning.
I have cancelled the Sept. 17th cheese class - due to my over booking events. I will be in Seattle at the Madison Market for a Cheese Festival. David and Danyel will be at farmers markets.
Our Nigerian goats are slimming down and starting to look like they are suppose to. Scarlet is the one I am still milking. She doesnt have to be led anymore she knows they way to the stanchion by her self. Knight the llama is being a good boy and is gentle. I am still scared of him though.
Our dogs are all doing well too.
I thought labor day was a day off, but it seems we are working more than usual. Such is farm life. David is out scraping our driveway and smoothing things over. It looks good but is really dusty and noisy.
I milked the goats this morning and then came in and visited with Danyel about yesterday. She had a good time.

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