Monday, September 26, 2011

Well its wet and wild at the dairy today.  I am canning beans, so far about 42 quarts.  I have one more box to can before this next weekend. 
I am going to make some chevre this evening.  And I will try and package some cheese for the farmers markets this week. 
The septic is working great.  My old stove is wonderful and Danyel will not be riding the train anytime soon to Seattle.  Alls well here.
David fixed a new gate to the meat goat pen... its easier to open and shut.  He also got the houses set up for the goats to have shelter. 
I also sent off some marinated feta to Florida this morning too.  Its pretty exciting when I get an order from our web page.
My nigerian dwarf that I am milking is dropping off fast, I am getting about 1 cup.  I am going to move her to everyother day milking for a bout a week then stop milking her.  I will be getting a buck here this month so I can get those 6 nigerian dwarf does bred.  Thier milk will be a very nice addition to my chevre.
Danyels pet rat died this weekend.  He was a good pet.  But I have one more to go -Ali's and then the basement will be ratless.... one less critter to clean up after.
Well have a great day and remember the rain brings green in Washington.

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