Friday, September 30, 2011

Canning and Car problems

Well I canned 18 quarts of tomatoe sauce.  My car died at Staples.  Possibly needs a new starter.  David went to Seattle to work Pikes Place Market and deliver cheese to the restuants today.  I milked the does this morning and then had to try and give the big dogs some antibiotics due to ear infection.  My daughter got fired from her job at the Credit Union where she has worked for 9 years.  So now she can be home with her kids and possibly draw unemployment and sue the crap out of the credit union.  They fired her with lies. 
So alls well here at the dairy today.  I have been planning the pie attack for our Thanksgiving dinner.  So far there are about 20 diffent pies I am making.  Well my daughter, Heather, is going to try and come up one day and help make pies.  And our adopted grandma is going to help make some too. 
We are doing the Steilcoom Apple Squeeze Festival this Sunday and I am praying we sell lots of cheese and make lots of money to pay to get my car fixed and to pay a few of our bills.  The markets havent been paying the bills very well. It would be nice to have a really good one.  Anyway it is all in Gods hands.
Got to go do chores will write more about our Thanksgiving Dinner and the preperation process to make it all come together - inbetween milking, cheese making, a cheese class, and packaging cheese.

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