Saturday, December 31, 2011

More kids...Date Changes for Africa.....

I just went out to the barn and another doe had a kid.  Now all our pens are full again....
We are starting chores at 4:30 - bottle feeding first cause we have so many kids to feed tonight.
The girls are going to a dance for the new year and I am taking the girls to Longview then takeing the grandkids up to Clatskanie... think I will just stay up at my daughters till the girls are  ready to come home cause it will be quieter and that way I can save money on gas.
My chevre is about ready to come down but we cant deliver it till Tue as the restuants are not open. 
It is cold out and the wind is a little nippy. 
The does milked pretty good this morning.  This evening we should get a good milking too.
Have a Happy New Year.
We are milking 17 does, have 32 does that have kidded. 
My flight for Africa isn't leaving till the 21 now as one of the flights was cancelled.  I will be back in Washington Feb. 15.....Cant wait to see the World!

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