Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Adventure on I-5

Hello to All:
Another entry from the goatlady. Thats what I am now referred to quite often as I enter the room. There is a nice ring about that name, I actually am growing fond of it. Maybe its and endearing title.
My Big Adventure: Monday morning David took the truck to Seattle to Market and left the car with me. It was running fine and started great when I went out to take Danyel to Biology class at 10:15am. I had on my farm jumper and I put on some flip flops, cause I was just running Danyel to school and then go get some gas. So I drop her off and headed tword the gas station outside of Napavine. The price was 5 cents more than the station where we turn off to go home so I passed the first gas station and headed out onto I-5 for our exit. Well about 500 yards before our exit the car starts sputtering and kind of jerked a little. Then I looked at the speedometer and it said I was going 0 and I knew that was not true. I kept giving it gas and it kept jerking and I am thinking this is not happening. I got to our exit and then off to the side of the road and the car stopped. I called David and told him he had better pray that someone I know or could trust would come and rescue me. Before I got off the phone to him, I heard a rap on my window and as I turned I saw a gentleman in an orange vest and in the rear view window I saw an WDOT emergency truck. He asked if I needed towed and I told him I thought I just needed a jump. So he jumped the car, it started he followed me almost all the way home. God is Good. The stupid car died again on our road home and a neighbor jumped me again. I got home in time to take the van and go pick up Danyel from Biology at 11:30.
Anyway yesterday my daughter from Montana and her husband and two darling children graced out home and spent the night. We had a good visit and had fun watching the youngest get around - she is just starting to walk. Justin the older grandchild kept his nose on the computer flying airplanes. Seth, my daughters husband, helped David put a new altinater in the car. What another blessing. Anyway we did enjoy the visit. They left this morning at about 8am. I fixed scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast with some homemade applesauce. Sent some yogurt and cheese home with them. After they left we all went out to do chores and check on everyones health. Some of those goats sure look close to having thier babies. But no one yet is gracing our farm with little feet...... yet! We worked on our homeschool and even finished on time today. David went and got grain, dog & cat food. We had to do chores early as the girls are now taking H.A.M. Radio classes from 7-9pm each Tue. for 4 weeks. Another class we are taking is a crochet class on Mondays from 3:30-5:00 for 8 weeks. We'll see what happens when we start milking goats the middle of this month. We also had grange tonight at 6pm. I went to grange with my stew in hand for the potluck dinner and David ran the girls into Chehalis to thier radio class, then came to the grange. Our speaker tonight is helping the people in Rowanda Africa - getting them goats and teaching them to make cheese. It was a very informative presentation. We got out of our meeting at 8:30 and I packed up my things and David left to pick up the girls. We all were home by 9:30pm. Its a long day.
Tomorrow the lady that spoke at our grange is coming to see the farm and talk to me. I have had two offers to go to Africa to help teach the people how to make cheese..... I wonder if I am being directed to go there? Anyway I look forward to our visit tomorrow. David is going to go get free hay that is being given to us to bed the barn down good with fresh bedding before the goats start kidding. We are expecting a couple to have thier babies this weekend... but the next weekend is going to be real intersting cause we have about 40 does due within that 10 day stretch.
Well you have a great nights sleep and rest peacefully. I am planning on doing that real soon.
One last note the sesame oil I am swishing each morning does seem to give me more energy. And I think I can tell a diffence in the whiteness of my teeth. David says he can't do it because the taste stays in his mouth all day cause of his dentures. We'll work on that.

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