Monday, February 2, 2009

Christmas in Feb.

Good Morning:

We had our Christmas Dinner yesterday. The food was great and the company wonderful. Jami & Seth, Justin and Ashlynn (Montana), Shawn (Rainier, Or), Heather & Jamie & CJ and our family were here. David and Jamie wanted to watch the Super Bowl so they moved our antenta to get the reception and there it was TV. We havent had TV for about 8 months and I have to say I loved it. So the boys were all excited to watch the game. We ate dinner and then the men sat around cheering on thier teams. Our house was empty by 6pm. But the TV was still on. It remained on until 11:30pm. We had birthday cake and ice cream to celebrate Nov. and Jan. and Feb. birthdays. We all had a good visit.

This picture was taken when they all were getting ready to blow out the candles. Jami (33) & Ashlyn (1), Christian James (5), Justin (9)

We did evening chores during half time - so it was a little later than normal.

On Friday we cleaned house half the day. Had the neighbor girls spend the night and they helped too. House was clean and food was prepared on Sat. morning. Heather and Jamie and CJ came Sat. afternoon to spend the night and hang out. I made lamb stew and homemade rolls (quad batch) for dinner. Sunday morning had the salad made and the roast coated in Dijon Mustard and rock salt coated ready for the oven by 11:30am.

We are getting excited about babies.... only a week left and then we'll be going to the barn alot.

Today we are going to get school done and Jami and Seth and kids will be here this afternoon. I got up at 4:30 am to make up chevre for David to take to market today. Then I started a new health thing my daughter told me to try. Swish my mouth with pressed seseme seed oil for 20 min. spit out in toilet. Then drink 2 - 8oz glasses of cold water then brush your teeth. (Swish on an empty stomach). Benefits: Whiter teeth, detoxe your body, and give you more energy. So we'll see.

I need to run to town this morning and get dog food and put some money in the bank. Chores in the morning are pretty easy and don't take any time at all. So we are getting done with breakfast and will head down stairs to do school work.

Hope you all have a Great Day and Smile at someone you don't know..... then at someone you do know.

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