Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kidding Season Begins........

Good Morning:
This is my N.W. Comfort and Black Jewels Aged cheese. We are going to sample and sell it next weekend at Pikes Place Market. It is the first batch and we won't have anymore until the End of May this year.

Tue was one of those busy days. Jami and Seth and th grandkids left at 8am for Montana. That evening the girls went to thier HAM radio class, they liked it and look forward to going next week. I made it to grange and even hot a potluck dish to boot. I just took some of my stew I had made a few days before. David showed up for Grange at 7:1 5 just after the meeting started. The lady that we had speak did a great job on presenting her need for help in Africa. As a side note now I'v had two ladies ask me to come to Africa.... what and adventure that would be. Anyway David left the grange at 8:30 to go get the girls and I came right home. We were all in bed about 10pm.

Wed. I had all the good intentions to get up at 5am so we could get chores going alittle early.... I must of turned off the alarm or forgot to set it. I woke up at 7:20. I got the girls awake and sent them out to do start chores. David and I followed shortly. I was expecting the speaker at the grange to be at our house at 9am and I wanted things in order so I could visit and give her the info. she was wanting about goats. Well, we got the chores done and started our homeschool studies. It ended up not being such a rush thing anyway cause Jody showed up at 11:30. She stayed until 4:00. She took the tour and ate lunch with me. David ran Danyel to Biology and then went and picked her up afterwards. David also went and got some free hay that one of our grangers offered to us, he took the girls to help. When they got back from getting hay, our friend who works for the railroad showed up for dinner (which I had totally forgotten we had invited him for). He helped David unload the 60 bales of hay. We started chores at 4:30 and low and behold one of our does kidded. One of our Oberhaslies. She is early by about 5 days. The girls came in and got towels to dry off the kid. The baby was having a hard time breathing. So we suckered out its mouth and nose, but it just wouldn't clear up. So my next line of action is to swing the babies to force the flem into thier throat so I can sucker it out. But this didn't give me the results I wanted either. So we suckered it again. I had the girls put the baby in with its mom in a pen and finish thier chores. I told them to bring the baby in when they were finished and I'd give it some colostrum and some goat drench (it a liquid with lots of good stuff in it, vit. min. ect.). They brought the baby in the house we wraped it with a clean towel and put it on the heating pad in a basket. I put a tube down its throat and syringed some milk down it. It was so weak. It perked up a bit but not much and to make a long story short the baby died. The girls hate to start the kidding season like this, but such is farm life. Anyway now we have a mom to milk by hand. We will freeze the colostrum incase we need it for another baby.

Everyone Pray That our Kidding Season will be a Good Season!

Well, as I am writing I am swishing that oil around in my mouth. For some reason this morning it feels like I should gag.... I'll try and work through it. I only got 10 min. in instead of 20. Drank my 8oz of water and will have a cup of coffee.

I got up this morning at 4:30 to go make up some chevre for David to take to market. He left at 5:30am to head to Seattle. I sure hope he has some good sales today. I'll get the girls up at 7:30, this is thier last week of sleeping in and I'll let them enjoy it.

I am going to sign Ali up for BME which is rifle shooting through CAP (Civil Air Patrol) for next month. Its a weekend event. Danyel went in November I think to hers.

This evening I have the bible study at 6:30. I have been so busy this week I haven't had time to read my chapter and be ready for the class tonight. So I'll go blind tonight - or let the Holy Spirit lead me.
You have a Great Day today and enjoy the warmer weather and the glimps of the Sunshine.

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