Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More Snow!

I am beginning to think Winter is going to last forever. And what a better time to have kids born than when its really cold....ICK!
Well Friday I took an order of Chevre to Olympia to the Dockside Bistro. While there the chef gave me a taste of some ice cream that he had made using our chevre and caraway seeds. It was so good. He said he serves this alongside apple crisp with a dab of chevre on top. Yum! that sounds so good. The girls and I got some home school done before we left. I also went over to Black Sheep creamery and vacuumed some Marinated Feta for market for David. David did sort of good on Friday in Seattle. The girls didn't have Civil Air Patrol this weekend. Their friends came over and spent the day. My grandson got here about 6:30pm and we hung out with him till bedtime. His mom and dad went back to Clatskanie to a big birthday bash for a cousin.
No babies born this weekend... that means next weekend could be big. We didn't go to church on Sunday - stayed home and waited for Heather and Jamie to get here to pick up CJ. Again no babies. Monday, we started our home school work, Danyel went to Biology and David and I got all our samples and stuff ready to go to the Farm Chef connection in Seattle. We left at 12:30 and got there in plenty of time. We actually went across the street to a restaurant outlet store and looked for a vacuum machine. Didn't find one. We were let into the building at 3:45. There was alot of people there, they had estimated 350. We were there for 1 1/2 hours, sampling and selling our farm and products. No sales just samples. We did get an order from the Seattle Arts Museum for a standing 10 pounds a week and in June 20 pounds of Marinated Feta. That will be nice. We also talked to a Co-op in Spokane that would like to carry our cheese. I'll fill the info on line today for that opportunity.
No babies today. Today we were going to have a 4-H meeting , but we have cancelled it due to snow. We have about 3 inches up here and we can't wait for the RAIN! We set the meeting up for tomorrow.
Cheese Class - March 21, 2009 - 10-2pm - Winlock, Wa.
Email me or check out my web page for more details......The cut off date for the class is March 9.... Hurry the class is filling up!
Danyel and Ali have their HAM Radio Class tonight.... if it rains! David has his Sisters Birthday at 6:30 tonight.
Even when the weather is white keep your eyes on the Sunny weather to come. At least you'll keep HOPE alive for the next few months of winter.

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  1. Wow momma, glad you got some orders for some cheese! That dockside Bistro sounds like a good place to eat! We should try it sometime! AND 3 inches!!!! Yikes! Stay safe!