Friday, February 6, 2009

The Lull before the Storm

Good Morning:

This is Danyel's puppy sleeping next to the file cabinet - the only place we can tie her in the house that she can't destroy things. She spends most of her time outside now and only comes in to eat and take a nap. She still sleeps in Danyels room at night.

Yesterday the girls and I stayed home except for Biology class. We got homeschooling done. David went to Seattle to Market. I had Bible study in the evening and that went great. The girls were left at home to fend for themselves and clean the kitchen up. When I got home most of the kitchen was clean and David was home with the market report. Not so good. I hope we can hold out till our milk production is in and we start getting paid from the processing plant that buys our extra milk. Its getting tighter and tighter around here. But I am not going to get stressed out about this. I am going to Trust God that he has a bigger plan for our family and farm.

Today we will do our homeschool and Biology class and then run to Olympia to deliver chevre to Dockside Bistro. I got it all packaged up this morning and the invoice made up too. Then I am going to try and run over to Adna and vaccum up some marinated feta for market. David is getting low and its always good to have extra packaged up.

No babies born yesterday and I haven't been out in the barn yet this morning. I did get up at 4:30 this morning to package up chevre for market. Now don't feel sorry for me having to get up so early. I really enjoy the quiet time before the farm starts moving and I am enjoying it more and more since I know its going to change in a short time. At least during this two hour window I can read my devotional and Bible, which gives me a peace for the rest of the day. I can get the kitchen kind of straighted up and even look over my lesson plan for the day. The smell outside is so fresh and crisp too. I think alot of people miss the best part of the day - early morning. It puts a smile on my face when I think of the peace and unhurriedness that occurs at this hour in the morning. Granted I go to bed by 10pm and sometimes earlier.... but there is nothing good on TV and I don't miss the TV anyway. My eyes are to tired to read then and I have been busy all day.

Enough of that soap box. I hope everyone has an Awesome day!

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