Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Cool Day in Aug.

Well all the teats of my does are much much better. Its great they healed so fast. There are still a few with sores but nothing really bad. And they are not kicking at me while milking and stripping them. David built the llama house yesterday, so he has a place to get out of the rain.
The coyotes have been yelling alot behind out property.. I bet Bernie, Cloe and Marcus are just waiting for one to make a mistake and cross the line.
I taught a great cheese class yesterday. Had 6 people in the class.
Danyel went to swing dance last night so she milked in the am and I milked in the pm. It worked out great.
We went to Olympia on Monday to do the cell phone thing. David lost his cell phone so we went to try and get a new one or replace his or something. That didn't happen but Danyel got her up grade for her phone. She loves her new phone its much nicer, better camera and smaller.
I have lost 10 pounds now. But I have to say I really want some fattening food right now. Smells are killing me. I just have to remember the weight loss. I grab another cup of tea, or coffee and say No.
I am heading out to hang my chevre to drain and to start a batch of cheese today. Then I will clean out the bulk tank and clean the parlor _ Danyel milks tonight. David is getting ready to head to Stielacoom for the market.
I do enjoy the cool weather its easier to work in the processing plant.
Have a Great Day.

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