Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A week of Dairy life

Hello to all:

Sorry I havent' wrote in a week. But our computer has been acting up.... I personally think its the internet server making my life rough so I'll pay the extra bucks for that quick internet service. But, anyway thats whats been up. So let me recap this last week for you

Thur. I went over and vaccum packaged feta and chevre. We got a new store buying our cheese, IGA in Winlock. And our fresh feta was ready to be packaged. David went to market and did alright.
A photo Danyel took of Mt. St. Helens from our field.

Fri. The girls and I did all kinds of running around. Picked up thier blues uniform for the banquet on Sat. I picked up our new business cards and lables. We went to the library and delivered cheese to IGA, ran by the tractor and farm store and got dog food. David got home and hadn't sold very much cheese. He had a headache. He unloaded his stuff and restocked and loaded stuff for market on Sat.

Sat. I got up at 4:30 to package cheese up for David to go to market. I got everything ready and he wasn't up yet so I told him I'd go. He said alright. I have to brag but I sold really good.... almost ran out of some of my cheese. David had to do the domestic chores... like get the girls ready for the banquet and take the dessert the girls made and some cheese and crackers. I would meet them after market. David also had to make sure all chores were done before they had to leave for the banquet at 6pm. I made it to the banquet but to late for dinner (I grabbed a hamburger on my drive home). They presented a bunch of awards and had a speaker talk about staying motivated and obtaining your goals. I got home unloaded and counted my cash box. They got home about 1/2 later than I did ( girls had to visit).

Sunday David left for market at 6am.. there was snow again on the ground and ice under that. David said he slipped around a bit. The girls and I stayed home from church. Our hill is so steep and I have a two wheel drive truck.... not a good combo for ice and snow. We did our chores and put the puzzel together and just hung out. I did go in the afternoon to get grain. David got home and had sold less than $100 of cheese ----NOT GOOD. He unloaded and repacked and stocked his supplies.

Mon. David left for market at 5am. I have been getting up with him and when he leaves I spend an hour reading my Bible study book and the Bible. Got the girls up at 7am to do chores. We have cut down to 3 goats milking in the morning every third day. I am really hoping by the end of the week we will be totally done with milking. The girls are milking by hand rather than dirty the whole system. I ran and got two rounds of hay at Grace Farms. A friend brought out her boar cross doe and two kids for me to do something with thier horns. We banded the mom's horns and we burned the doe kids horns , but the buck kids horns were to big to burn off and to small to band so we'll do them in a month or so. She left the goats until Wed. as she had to get home. David got home from market at 6:30 instead of 7:30. He sold all day ==== one container of plain chevre==== $6.25. OUCH!!!! We watched a movie with the girls and relaxed.

Tue. David was off and so he helped clean the last two baby stalls up by the hay. We had a 4-H meeting today. There was snow on the ground....ICK! David had a DR. appt. so he left at 9am for Longview. I decided not to try and take Danyel to Biology class due to our hill again. But when David got home he ran her to school at about 12:00 to drop off her make up work and to take a test. They were home before the 4-H meeting started. We got our homeschool work done for the day.

Wed. David was home today too. We got the goats fed and watered this morning, then came in and did homeschool until 2pm. At about 3pm we had a family come out and tour the farm. While they were here my friend came to get her doe and kids. David had taken the girls to a CAP event at 3:30 in Centraila at the Rifle Club - to meet the Army Marksman that won the gold medal at the Olympics. The girls said it was alright but they didn't fire any guns, but they did sign a photo. They got home about 5:35pm and we had to eat dinner and then head for church at 7pm. Got home at 8:40pm and David and the girls went out and fed and watered the goats. And now as I sit here writing they are all watching Phantom of the Opera. David will load up his stuff and be ready for market tomorrow.

Well that was our week at the dairy. We are expecting two does to kid on Sat. this week. I am sure the stories will be good when the kidding starts.

You all have a Great Evening and May God Bless You.

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