Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Day After Pill!

Well its another day in the U.S. A. - I think!

Have a glass of water and wait for the death of the things you once thought you valued. It won't hurt and you really won't miss it......until.........

My chevre is almost done dripping. I'll start some yogurt this morning. We have church tonight - so that makes us start milking early.
Yesterday we started chores at 4pm and were done by 6:15. My soup had been cooking all day and was ready to go by 6:50. I had made our Grange flier for our Christmas Party a few days earlier - it was tucked away in my briefcase. Off to Grange we went. The potluck dinner is always looked forward to by my children. Mostly the desserts!
Grange was really nice. The Indian Chief that told the stories was very good. My daughters really liked the stories. Grange went long last night so we didn't get home until 9pm. So the kids went right to bed.
A few slow does came into heat and so we put them in the pen with one of the Boar bucks. Well Ice didn't like that so he climbed the fence and got into that pen. Needless to say we ended up taking the Boar buck out and leaving Ice in with the does. (Ice is a reg. sannen Buck).
Our home school day was all around Thanksgiving, its a unit study. The girls have to make the menu and then adjust the recipes to make enough for the group coming for dinner. I made them use what our traditional dinner is. Its a great project. Lots of math and what better way to get girls really into homemaking. They will finish their project with helping make dinner and serving it. They said their new Thanksgiving cookbook is a Survival Cookbook - in case mom can't make Thanksgiving dinner they have all the directions to do it themselves. Ya! Independence.
Today I have to pick up our new labels that are done. I am totally out of Garlic and Dill Chevre. And David needs some made for the rest of this weeks Markets. David isn't going to take anymore yogurt to Pikes Place as its not selling very well. He did a little better yesterday selling cheese. Not anything like what we do at a local farmers markets.
Well I am trying to not show my emotions over this election, BUT......
I fear life is going to change..... and that all that I have learned in order to survive will come in handy. I don't know if we will be making cheese and living here on the dairy though. I will put ALL my trust in God. I know He will lead me through the valley of death and that I should not fear.
Anyway today we have computer class at Hope Grange for an hour. Then I need to do some domestic shopping for laundry soap. We rarely run out but somehow we did - and of course everyone NEEDS clean clothes TOday! That's just normal isn't it.
I am working also on my accounting - I am determined to have my accounting done by the end of the year in order to take it to the accountant for Taxes. I hate bookwork, it takes my total concentration and I have to sit and stay sitting to accomplish it. And a multi tasking brain has a hard time doing that.
This picture is me pinning my daughter Ali - at her Civil Air Patrol Encampment - a few weeks ago
Well, try and see the silver lining on the clouds - and Remember God is IN ControL.


  1. Congrats to Ali getting a promotion! Our "city" cadets recently got to meet some goats, but they were afraid! Here's some photos:

  2. Paul this web info didn't take me to the pictures, and I'd love to see them.
    Thanks from Ali. Danyel also got promoted the next weekend too.