Friday, November 7, 2008

Don't Give Up Hope!

Wow! Its really warm outside, its about 59 here. Doesn't feel like morning.
Don't Give up Hope! God will use even the tough experiences of life to build your child's character, as well as your own. An not only that, but we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance; and perseverance, character; and character, hope.
I think this sums up the next four years we are about to endure.
Well it took David about 6 hours driving time yesterday to get to Seattle. There were wrecks all over. He averaged going and coming 3 hours each way. That is crazy. He was pretty tired after waiting in traffic that long. He doubled his sales of last Thur. so that is good - but its still not enough to make it feel like its worth the drive and time.
I cleaned off the deck yesterday. Took the table and chairs and stacked them and then raked - yes I said raked the leaves on the deck. I bet I had a pile big enough for a 5 year old to throw himself into it and not feel the ground. They were pretty red leaves off my Chinese Plum tree. I love that tree in the summer but fall it makes a mess. Anyway there was still a deck under those leaves.
The girls Thanksgiving Survival Book is making headway. They have been devoting about 3 hours a day to this project. We will start making pies and rolls in two weeks, so they have to have the actual cookbooks done. Then we get to start the decorations and table setting stuff. I'll have to take a picture and show all of you.
I love teenagers just because they can do their own thing... like wash and fold laundry. I remember when I had six small children in the house. I think I was doing laundry everyday and folding every evening and then putting the clothes away. I was much relieved when they could put their own clothes away. Now its like I don't even think about laundry for them. I have to say also my husband is good about doing laundry too. I actually haven't had to do our laundry for a year or so. I have to put away now. He does wash, dry and fold in the evening. That though has all come to a stop.... now that he is driving to Seattle everyday to Market. But I am ready to take the task on again.
I have to go get change for our banks today, for the two markets tomorrow. Its already Friday, how time flies. I guess I was so worked up for Tue. I forgot that the other days would follow behind. Anyway I have lots to keep me busy today.
Yesterday I made bread and donuts (chocolate).
Yesterday a few does came in heat so we just stuck one of the Boar bucks in with all the does. This will just make sure everyone is bred in case we missed someone. The funny part was our sannen buck broke the fence to get to the barn and does. We put him back three times and then I said enough. I stung some hot wire around the pen. As soon as I turned my back he touched the wire with his nose and jumped back. He hasn't climbed the fence since.
Well have a great day and look for the Son to come.

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