Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Rush!

Hello, its been a week since I last posted ---- did you miss me??
I'v been running around like crazy. David has been going to Pikes everyday. Making cheese and packaging and labeling it all by myself is crazy. With David gone its a lot harder to get everything done and keep up with just my normal stuff.
The girls finished their recipe books and just have the name tags for the table and little name tags for the pies to make. They helped me make pies today - we got 8 pies made today and tomorrow we still have 5 more to make. There are 12 different kinds of pies. (We make two pumpkin - its the only one doubled). Our family tradition is that everyone gets to pick what ever kind of pie they want and I make it. The little kids all get mini pies of their choice. The big kids have to share a big pie with everyone. I will start cooking one of the turkey's I have tomarrow. We are doing two 14.5 pound turkey's. On Thur. I will cook the other turkey - stuffed. I make ten pounds of mashed potatoes. I have to make a quad. batch of homemade rolls (not just for dinner but for turkey sandwiches afterwards). We always have the bean casserole, sweet potato's with marshmallows on top, fruit salad, cottage cheese salad, gravy. I think that is our menu. I make all the food and have my girls help. I don't let anyone bring food - Its kind of my gift to my family. I love this holiday its the best one.
We are still milking goats - about 43 and I am still able to make two batches of cheese a week. I was suppose to make some chevre today, but never got that done. Maybe tomorrow I will work it into my schedule. We are getting close to 100 gallons of milk a week, but it is dropping fast. So I have to get what I need made and hope it lasts until the middle of Feb. - when I can start making cheese again.
I went over to Black Sheep Creamery and brushed my aged cheese and turned them on Wed. They are coming along nicely.
The other day it was 28 degrees when we went out to do chores. The night before I uncoled all the hoses and turned off all the faucets in anticipation of our first freeze. When the hoses all freeze up - who ever is doing watering has to carry buckets of warm water from the milk parlor. We only have about 12 buckets to fill twice a day. Anyway none of us like freezing weather. Now the snow the girls love and I love to look at it. And carrying water doesn't seem so hard if the ground is white.
David has been taking samples to all the restaurants up there at Pikes Place. On slow days he can go wandering. We have one restaurant in Olympia that will start buying our chevre in the next week or so. I'll post their name as soon as I have an order.... don't want to jinks it.
All we need is a couple good orders to put us on a good road.
On Friday the 21 Danyel and Ali went with their Civil Air Patrol squadron to Napavine Gradeschool to serve dinner for the Grandparents Dinner. They wore their camo uniform (BDU's). This goes for their community service badges. They also got dinner that day too. I think the girls will of each had four Thanksgiving dinners this year - counting our family one. All day today all they could say was, I can't wait for Thanksgiving - I can taste my pie already.
Well if I don't get back onto the computer for an other week you will all know why.
Have a Great Thanksgiving and remember at least 5 things your are Thankful as you take that first bite of your turkey dinner.

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