Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Good Morning:
Well today is a semi quiet day. I have to go over and brush my cheese at the Black Sheep Creamery today. I have 8 rounds in thier cave aging. The girls and I want to go to the library in Winlock - to return books and check out new ones. I will order some new labels with just a phone call and then with another call I'll order some new vacuum bags. The girls will work on finishing their cookbooks. I already went and turned my cheese I made last night and cleaned the milk parlor. I have a sink of dished in the processing plant that I'll get done today too. This evening I'll label some more plain chevre for David tomorrow at Pikes Place.
I am recovering from last weeks abrupt change.
I am glad right now for a break from extra kids. Its time to gather my thoughts and to compose my insides (heart, soul and spirit). You know God said he can call our children home anytime he wants (for foster kids its leaving), because they are on loan from Him. He wants us to prepare them for the road of life and each stop has something new for them to gain on this trip. Why he puts some children out there to wander the roads isn't mine to ask why, just to say I will feed and love you if you stop here for a rest. This is what makes me smile after I have my mad and upset about how the State handles these children. Today I am better, and each day I am reminded of What God Has done and Will do - not why he does it or when he does it.

If you haven't sent in your money for the cheese class please do and then call me and let me know its on the way. Other wise I may have to cancel this class. I totally understand all the other projects you have going this time of year. But let me offer you a suggestion: Making cheese for the holidays and for gifts saves alot of money and its with your hands that you give this wonderful gift.

Have a Great Day and watch a leaf float to the ground. Notice a few things as it floats down to the earth: Its color, its size and its gentleness with which it glides. In these things you'll see the truth of the world. It doesn't matter what color you are, it doesn't matter the size your world is, if you trust in God you'll be able to float without effort and no extra burdens.

There is no more important spiritual and practical lesson we can teach our children than the principle of sowing and reaping. Choices always have consequences. Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows. taht he will also reap. Galations 6:7

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