Thursday, November 13, 2008

The rains are back

Good Morning
Lets see this morning its warm and wet. The rain has put the girls on Emergency Alert for their Civil Air Patrol Squadron. We are waiting for the call or email to put their group into action. The girls had to get their 24 hour packs ready and have their uniforms and rain gear ready when and if called. So they wait. They got up and have anticipation of being called this morning when the sun comes up.
Yesterday we had computer class, and Danyel had Biology in the morning. The girls finished their emergency Thanksgiving recipe book. I was so tired after making Thanksgiving dinner for my daughter from Montana - I relaxed yesterday. We did go to church at 7pm. When we got home David was home from a very slow day at Market. He still hasn't recovered from his cold this last week. So he thought maybe he would stay home today. And this morning he said he was going to stay home.
Which is good cause I have to go get hay at noon - and now he can do that.
I am going to make Chevre this morning after I go drop Danyel off at her Biology class at 10:30. (If the girls arent called up to help their CAP squadron). I'll make a 40 gallon batch and then I am planning on Sunday to make Feta. That should make me have to make a call to the processing plant that picks up our milk to say that we have no milk for pick up.
My inspector is coming tomorrow to check the probes that go into my pasteurizer at 9:30. Then at noon I have a tour coming. And I'll hang my chevre after the inspector leaves. I think I have enough fresh cheese to make up the containers of chevre for the Sat. Markets. This should be a good weekend for both of us. The Bazaar that I was signed up to go to was canceled. So I'll be going to Proctor in Tacoma. And the weather is suppose to not be so bad. Ya!
The goats are already starting to look pregnant. The Boar buck I put in with the herd has been quiet so I am assuming everyone is bred now. So we will have a few kids coming in April. The big birthing will happen from Feb. 15- to the end of March.
In communicating with one another, God expects us to be honest and loving. Problems arise when we are honest but not loving.
Have a wonderful Day!

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