Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Early Thanksgiving and Market News

Hello to all:
Yesterday was market day. So I am up at 5am. I went out and cleaned the parlor and then came in and woke up everyone at 5:30am. We are short one kid so we have to do her chores - so everyone adds one or two things to their own list. I went in and turned my NW Comfort and Black Jewels aged cheese and put the weights back on them. They look really good. Then into the house to get dressed - Ali doesn't have CAP today so she is staying home to watch over the farm. She is on the milk line and that is another reason she is staying home. So we all don't have to get up at 4am to do all the chores. We use to do that and man by the time it was time to milk again after market we were all pretty grumpy and tired. This way we all leave by 6am for our markets and she is still milking. I had to get gas before I hit the road. But we made it to the Proctor Tacoma Market on time and even a little early... thank goodness. Cause as soon as we got the tent up and the sides on it poured and poured and the wind blew. It got it out of its system and the rest of the market was fine. David's drive to Pikes was fine too. He said he was there on time, no traffic messes. But the good news to the day was that David and I sold the same exact amount. And that made our market day great because we can pay bills that are looming over our heads. I was so thankful to God for the blessing of sales.
When I got home at 4pm I had to unload and get the blue ice back into the freezer so its frozen by the time David loads his car up at about 9:30pm tonight for market the next day. Then I got the call from David that he had sold out of his Chevre and Garlic and Dill and had only a few Grande Rosa left. This all means packaging up more cheese and labeling. So I got onto that right after we started chores at 4:30. I made pancakes for dinner - easy and fast. And then I packaged up 15 lbs of chevre for Sunday market and then labeled about 12 more Grande Rosa for David. David pulled in about 7:30pm and unloaded his car and counted his cheeses and Money. Thats when we found out our $ amounts were exactly the same. By 9:30 I was so tired and we still had to load the car for market and do the bookwork. So I was on the couch by 10:15 with my head on the pillow and asleep shortly after. David woke me up at 11pm and said he was going to bed. Amen the day is over.
Today we will go to church and then do some running around and then be over at the gun club to pick up Danyel by 2pm and then we should be home by 3pm or close. By then I'll know what the stasis is with the cheese in Seattle. I'll do some laundry and mop some floors. I have to have my stuff done in case I have to pull a Monday in Seattle (David is getting a cold).

David did really well on Sunday at Market and fairly good on Monday.

We are having an early Thanksgiving dinner today. My daughter and grandchildren will be here from Montana. So the house smells really good. We will have a small version of my Real Thanksgiving dinner - but everything will be served. Homemade rolls, pies, dressing, gravy, real mashed potaotes, green bean casserole, deviled eggs, and a cottage cheese salad. YUM! I will take my aged cheese over to the sheep creamery today too. And label some more cheese and package some chevre for market tomorrow. Today will be hopping just to get everything done.

Well I hope I didn't wear anyone out with my routines.

Have a Great Day and enjoy each others company.

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