Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Day Before

You know I was thinking as I was baking of all the things I am thankful for and I came up with of course the usual, family, home, car, children, grandchildren, friends and a turkey on the table. But as I looked deeper into this thankful issue I find there are some very small things to be thankful for that are usually over looked. Like that the sun rises each day, like the light switch works in the middle of the night. How about the key on your key chain and that it opens an important door. Or like I am thankful for the plug in my tub - that it keeps the water in the tub. Like the simple thing of having running water at my sink. Or that by pulling down on a handle makes your bathroom clean and sanitary. These are just a few of the small over looked things I am thankful for. I bet this Thanksgiving you can find some of your own small things to be Thankful for.
Well I have made 12 pies and two batches of rolls. I have a tour coming at 3pm and then chores start at 4:30. Ali went with David to Pikes Place, just figuring people will be eager to buy.... and she can be a calming factor to her dad as he tries to get home in the traffic. My daughter and family will be here this evening. Everyone else will be here tomorrow.
My first turkey is already cooked and is in the refrigerator. The giblet gravy is simmering on the stove. I have washed a load of towels - so the company can take a shower or bath if they want.
My guest list this year is small - my brother, my son, my nephew, my daughter and her husband and their son, and our own family. So the total is 10.
I think I will go take a short nap before the tour gets here.
Have a Great Thanksgiving and give a little thought to the small things.

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