Thursday, August 25, 2011

Another Hot day

I was up at 6am, went out and cleaned cheese cloth and got them in the wash and then cleaned the parlor and milked the goats. One of our girls has diahrea, so we medicated her and put her in a pen with only hay. Hope she feels better tonight.
Danyel and Kiara watered and grained the goats this morning. David and Nick went to the Olympia Farmers Market. The two grandchildren are going home this evening. Its been nice havng them on and off this summer. I think they had fun here on the farm.
I have to package cheese today.... lots and I am going to do it this morning before it gets to hot out. I also have a tour today at 11am. I am going to hang the chevre I made yesterday.
The dogs are refusing to take thier medician now so we figured they now when thier bodies have had enough so we didn't give them thier medician this morning.
My parents are bringing thier dog over today so they can go to Seattle.
Well I am going to grab a cup of coffee and head out to the processing plant.
Sure hope my new scale comes today.....Please Please Please.

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