Monday, August 29, 2011

Another Monday

Well here we are again... Monday. Will we ever run out of Mondays? Got up at 6:30am and went out and cleaned the milk parlor and milked the goats. When I get back in I started working on the 50# of carrots David brought home from the market, I have about 1/3 left to can. But before I can start canning, David needs to run to Olympia to get a new phone. He lost his... don't ask! Anyway 5 hours later we are home again. I have a cheese class to do tomorrow and things to do. So I started the carrots, went out and turned and salted the Grande' Rosa and now am typing.
I have to make my chevre and yogurt tonight for class and get the lunch stuff ready. As well as clean the house and get that all pretty for company.
I really should make some chevre tonight too, but will think on that. I need to get my fresh feta into the marinate and vacuum seal that so that we can have some for markets this next week.
On a good note I have lost 9 pounds so far on my diet. And I am not hungry. But I do notice when I get up set or mad I want to grab something and eat it...NO - NO - NO!
The goats teats are looking so much better. Been spritzing them down with T-Tree Oil and colidal silver and putting bag balm on them too. Cant wait to get past this one. The milk production has been down due to me not wanting to squeeze to hard. This morning things were back on track and they milked their little hearts out for mama.
Well I should go do something productive so I can go to bed tonight at a decent hour.

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