Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Our 20th Anniversary

Well I was up at 6am and I headed out to clean the milk parlor. Checked on my Feta too. Milked the goats this morning. Everything is going fine. My new scale didn't come yesterday... fingers are crossed it comes today. I ran to town and picked up my new food for my diet. Going to try the one my daughter did and lost weight. I will let you know the progress as I go through this little trip. My granddaughter and grandson are still here. Nick went with Papa to the farmers market today and Kiara is hanging with Taylor and Danyel today. I want to make some chevre today and package up some cheese for farmers market tomorrow. Got about 19 restruant orders Ihave to fill too... We have the fans on everywhere its hot out... not complaining but just making a note.
We have had Bernie and Marcus on anti biotics for about a week for thier hot spots. They are both doing much better. Got to have those boys working to keep my goats safe.
David and I went to Olympia for our 20th Anniversary dinner. We went to Aqua Via - they serve out goat cheese. We had this fondue made with our chevre that was to die for. David and I could of ate two or three bowls of that. After dinner we went up by the capital and walked on a trail down to the lake. It was very nice and beautiful too. Then we went to the casino and blew $40 on the slots - but had a good time doing it. Then home at 11:30pm. I puttered around till midnight.
the kids did the chores and even milked the nigerian dwarf doe for me. Thanks guys.
Well I best get moving or I'll fall asleep.
Have a great day

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