Monday, August 22, 2011

Late Summer in Washington

Good Morning. We have been busy around here. I'll go back to Friday. My daughter dropped off 3 of my grandchildren, one being a 2 year old, 8 year old and 13 year old. They were off to Wilby Island for thier 8th Anniversary weekend. So Danyel and Kiara went to the Farmers Market in Olympia. The two boys played basketball and the games on the Wii and I chased around the baby. I had to wait for her nap to be able to go out and package cheese for restuants and for the Sat. markets. She takes about 2 hour naps so that gave me some good work time in the processing plant. She took another nap in the afternoon which helped me too. When David got home I handed her over to him to chase around, while I finished in the plant. Then we ordered Pizza and everyone ate and then it was bath time... the kids had fun on the farm --- how do I know that - cauz everyone was dirty!)
Danyel came home around 7pm cause she had to go see her boyfriend in Tenino. We really like him and am glad she is dating someone that meets our standards. The last guy didn't meet any of our standards except that he was a guy. Anyway she milked and I did my chores and cleaned up the processing plant...
Sat. was very interesting, David and Nick (grandson, 13) went to Proctor Farmers Market and Kiara and Danyel went to Olympia. Well I had to milk and I was hoping the baby would sleep until I got done....NOT! she was up at 6:00am. So Kiara and Danyel had to babysit her while I started milking. When they left at 7:30 they brought her out to me. She didn't like hanging with me and the goats so I had her 8 year old brother watch her while he watered his buckets. They walked around the yard, played ball and drew chalk on the carport. Finally I was done. I came in and made breakfast and played with the baby. Then it was nap time and I headed out to the processing plant again to get some restuant orders done for Sunday market. When she got up from her nap at noon. We got ready to head out to Castle Rock where my son was picking them u to take them to his house until Sunday. Where another grandson was having his 8th birthday party. I headed back home and had the whole house to myself. I packaged some more cheese.
David did pretty good in Tacoma at the market. He also dropped off the cheese at the new Co-op in Tacoma. Danyel and Kiara had a full day, they went to Tenino for a BBQ with her boyfriend and then he drove them home and they all did chores and then they left to go back to Tenino. I think she was out pretty late cause I went to bed at 11pm.
I ordered my new scale - it has a printer with it. My labeling just got easier. It should be here on Tue this week... I am so excited.
I also had got a free cash register at a garage sale last year and I just never had time to go on line and look it up. I needed the insturctions to program it.. Well I did that on Sat. too and guess what the whole book is on line. I am starting the programing of it. It will be very nice to have this at Olympia Farmers Market and also to use it at Pikes Place. Its a really nice one too.
Sunday everyone left again for markets. So I made Chevre and cleaned up the house and did dishes. Its crazy how messy the house got.
We are having a BBQ at 5:30pm. Heather and Jamie and the two younger grandchildren will be back. Danyel and her boyfriend, and grandparents Neer (my parents). David fired up the BBQ and we had hamburgers. I took Heather and Jamie's car through the car wash for an anniversery gift and put gas in thier gas tank too. Everyone stayed until dark.
I am off to bed at 11pm.
This morning I got up at 6am and went out and cleaned the milk parlor and cleaned the bulk tank. I am making feta today. I have no plans to go anywhere today. I want to package up some of my extra chevre for the freezer, and make some more marenated feta with my last batch of feta today too.
Well I better let you go... as I need to go check the temperature of the milk pasturizing.

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